Thursday, February 19, 2015

What a Custom Stitcher Can do For You

When you want something unique, that fits a specific doll, or a certain look you like but can't get in that fabric or color, ordering a custom commission is the best way to go.  A custom sewing person can take your design ideas and make them into reality.  If you want an outfit you've seen in people fashion for your doll, you can have a custom stitcher make it for you.  Just as you can chose a doll from one of over a hundred companies, and have your dolls face painted by one of hundreds of artists who are expert in the business, you can have your doll's clothing made by a seamstress/tailor.

I take orders from images taken from fashion, drawn by artists or just a collage of images with "this here, that over here, something like this but not quite" noted on them.  I make it to your doll's measurements, so you don't have to worry about getting something in the mail and being all excited about it, just to have it be too tight in one spot, or huge in another.  You can be the fashion designer! You can be the first if not only one to have an item.  Your character doll can have it's own unique outfit that fits your vision of the way the character looks.  Perhaps you can find parts of your 'look' from ready made but are missing that unique jacket or coat or skirt your character would wear?  Everything is up to you.

I pre-wash all fabrics I work with that are safe to prewash, to get the stain causing dye out of them, as well as to pre-shrink the fabric so your outfit will not shrink after being made.  Most owners think they might not have to ever wash doll clothing, but think about it.  Even if your doll sits on a shelf for an extended period of time, it gets dusty, dust sinks in and becomes a dulling factor, stains or dirt.  You need to be able to at least rinse your doll's clothing out occasionally.  Think about the nightmare stories you've seen about doll clothing items on Tumblr and Den of Angels.  Even wigs should be soaked in room temp water for a few hours to release the dye in them.

If you want the right look, the look that's perfect for your doll, and are frustrated with hunting around for months, settling for something that's 'close enough', but not perfect, consider a custom order. 


  1. And you make things for difficult-to-fit dolls! My Vesuvia got her pile of tail-friendly clothes today and I am hoping to take photos tomorrow! <3 thank you!!

  2. That girl and her Soom-booty! I can't wait to see how the kimono look. That purple thread you sent is saving my life right now, LOL! It's perfect for the Crown Royal project.



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