Sunday, February 15, 2015

I've Spent the Morning Online, Now I Must Get a Life

Okay after yesterday's incident in Hancock Fabrics, and some PTSD, a nightmare about being stuck back in theater, and soul searching, (nope didn't find it) I've calmed down. But seriously, for a minute there I thought they were going to chain me up in the back room or something, LOL!  I'm a free range seamstress!  No being chained to a sewing machine in a 105 degree in summer, 45 degree in winter, ex-automotive repair garage ever again for me! I've done my time for the muses of comedy drama, #$%^&*&^%$!! them!

Yes, I've had some traumatic experiences in sewing, both in theater and for private customers in my custom sewing business in the before-dolls era.  However, things have changed a lot.  There are more people interested in Vintage and Retro, as well as Steampunk and Weird West and all those fun riffs on historical clothing. So yeah, maybe I'll screen very carefully and have some real fun, rather than incur more trauma. I'll screen very carefully over anything Bridal.  (Shudder).

I've spent most of the morning (what vacuuming...?) working on reviving my blog, Dressing Cats.  Sadly, I've already wasted a bunch of ink (as evidenced by my stained fingers from refilling with the help of a nosy cat!) printing some quicky business cards with the basics on them, totally not putting my email or my blog addy on them, and having to reprint 50 cards. But if you google my email address, you will probably end up here.  So if that's how you got here, go over to Dressing Cats. I've also moved my current Human project over there, the Crown Royal Jacket Project, which is going quite well but I haven't got photos to update the past few days.

For some damned reason the USPS failed me once again and my tutorial project has not arrived at BJDCollectasy.  >.<;;  I hope that little envelope/package didn't get lost or misplaced along the way, but because it was the size of a greeting card and a little over 1/2 inch thick, it is one of those things that like a pair of doll's eyes or an order of magnets, can easily get re-routed by post office gremlins.  

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