Friday, February 20, 2015

Dear Soom, Please Stop.

*sobs* I'm a married person!  It's a doll!  I should have known better than to look at the doll news. *bashes head on desk* damnitdamnitdamnit!

Is this not the perfect face for a Dean Winchester doll?  Lose the heavy eyeliner (really soom, stop it, or please just post bare faced head shots at the end of your fancy paint job ones!) and there you have it!  But then I'd have to buy the darned doll a scale vintage Impala. Not FAIR!

Soom is so evil.  
More face views here.  Sometimes you can see more of their doll's faces in the outfit listings.

I will now go bang my head on the wall until my brain stops screaming.  Sometimes this song is so appropriate to my doll mania. If you substitute 'dolls' for 'robots' isn't it just too true for most bjd fans?


  1. There is actually a set of Dean Winchester Minimee heads floating around out there that look pretty good, too. I suspect this guy is an Idealian and the posing (or lack of it) would make you nutty.

  2. Yep. Limited edition, to add to the pain. Soom just does this on purpose and I think we all know it. I like their aesthetics, if not their heavy eyeliner. I haven't had any problems with a friend's Idealian when she's in town, but he's definitely muscle bound in the arms. But then I've only had to stand him up for fittings. My god they are heavy! O_o


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