Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Last Call for Photos, and Knitting

(Edited to add photos)

I finally broke down and sent out email and PM requests today.  ^_^  I'm rather nervous about the interview thing.

Also I need to clean up my blog.  Some posts are still showing as in progress when they have been finished for months.  O_o

January 1st, I started a knitting pattern from the fabulous Subversive Femme's collection of vintage patterns that I've really been wanting to do for Spring, and realized half way up the back that while I have a short waist (this is NORMAL on this planet, long waists being very odd, despite fashion models) I have a bit more rib and shoulder than the more compact gals of the time period.  Plus, I have monkey arms.  Seriously, 23 inch long arms.  I'd have to add more for the sleeves and I was running out of needle space half way to the elbows.  If the sleeves were separate,  I'd have done them.  I hate working on those plastic cable needles and ditched all of mine after I finished the knitting class ages ago. I may still separate the sleeves from the body and redo this pattern basically as is because I love it.  The pattern being wonderfully complicated looking and simply not, (a very lacy cable design) and dolman sleeved, I passed on attempting to re-calibrate it.  It's not that I hate Math; we just agreed to part amicably and not FaceBook each other after I got my A in Advanced Algebra, which I never use anyway. >.<;;  Plus, I kept twisting the cables the wrong way when stressed and over tired, and having to go back and re-hook them.

So as of last night, I'm starting this year's sweater from scratch, literally.  I'm working with the old theory that you can knit to a paper pattern, then reduce said sweater pieces to a text pattern, that I can then just switch the actual surface design on, so I can go back and use this fantastic cable pattern.  I'm almost positive it was one of the free patterns from her blog.  Anyway, I'm making a 'toil' sweater from my basic bodice pattern.  It's the same process I used for my doll's version of a 1940s/50s basic cardigan.  Did I not post a photo of the caramel colored sweater? o_O  I'll have to put that on my list of things do do.  There are these huge stress loss part of my memory I'm still finding gone.  >.<;;  My brain needs a virus check/defrag or something.  Either that or a new hard drive.

The still curly SD sweater from deep in a drawer.
For my self, I did finish this one in variegated green and blue stripes to use up left over yarn, but it's still in pieces, and the only change I had to make was for the yarn and body lengths.

The back piece, unblocked as yet. 
Still not sure if it's going to fit ME, even though it all pins out on the mannequin nicely enough. I started it October 2013, and it's taken until last December to get it done having unraveled it 3-4 times as my size dropped. O_o eventually I'll post the completed sweater.  I tend to do that; finish a sweater and then not sew it together.  I like to have knitting to take with me to appointments.  Usually if I have something to do, we suddenly get in much faster, but if I don't bring anything, OMG, the hours and hours of waiting.  For instance, just now, we got a call re a referral for Hubby's further eye work, and the lady warned me: it's going to be up to about 4 hours wait even though his appointment's at 9 am, it's a clinic.  In other words, we have to be there at 9 am (never a happy around here!) but when he'll be seen? Fffft!  Who knows! I gave up on taking sewing because by the time I have every thing out and I'm working, we get called in.  Knitting, I can just stuff back into the bag without worrying about where pins and needles are going.  

Note: My knitting and sewing projects for people will now be on my Dressing Cats blog. 

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