Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Le Petit Theatre Dior And Doll Clothing

One of my favorite designers has always been Dior.  Seeing the mockeries some of the modern designers have made of his iconic designs as so called homage only makes me more determined to study more of the original design and construction the Dior Atelier used and continues to.  So I've been stalking the YouTube channel and finally got around to it today.  After everything that's been going on, a year later, I'm gathering up my senses again and putting plans I had for 2014 in place for 2015.  One of them was to do an in depth study of a Dior dress from the 'skin' up for one of my dolls.

 I have what I call my Dior Dress in a box, some assembly required packed away since last October 2013, with the intent of starting Jan 1 of 2014.  But stuff happened.  Fishcake had sent me some fabulous ribbon trimmed fabric that screamed !!!DIOR!!! at me the moment I saw it in the box. Much jumping up and down and scaring of the cat ensued. I have broken it down step by step and plan on doing a little each day, as my treat for 'being good', what ever that means.  In the mean time, go watch the pretties on the Dior channel and if you're like might want to put a napkin on to catch the drool. >.>;;  

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