Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Good Lord T-mobile is Scary

After the cable was set up and working like greased lightening, I decided to call T-mobile and just get it over with.  It was like dealing with the FBI or something.  They made me feel like some kind of criminal, THEN offered to convert our account as a pay as you go one.

I literally had to bite my tongue before I tore the guy's ear off and spit it at him through the phone!  You see, last year at this time, a few days after my head stopped trying to explode over my husband's near death, I had called T-mobile and ASKED THEM to convert the account to pay as you go!  I begged them to understand the situation.   They said they couldn't.  Now suddenly they were begging ME to go with a pay as you go account.  I told the man who was browbeating me that and he had nothing more to say.  I had to force him to take the final end cycle payment, and yes, since we have three more days on the cycle, it was over charged.  I doubt I will ever see that money again, little as it is.  He also screwed up and was trying to tell me that the money I had recently paid to pay off the un-usable phone was an over payment.  I sorted him out on that one.

So while I'm greatful it's all over, I feel sort of horrible right now.  How dare they?  Just how dare they?  This is definitely a 'tea' moment.

Oooh, I'm so angry, I need to just calm the hell down. But yes, the Time-Warner cable is up and running, despite the rain, it's very fast compared to what we are used to and oddly, despite it being CABLE, we were given WIFI access.  So I hope that isn't going to be a glitch on the bill later I'm going to regret.  But it does say FREE wifi access in the paperwork.  So for once I'm thankful to Google for being such a threat to everyone with their proposed new service. O_o

I took the SIMs out of our Ex-phones so they can't run up the bill with any more text messages, which we have been getting since I paid off the Samsung what ever.  If the phones are off the network they are off the network, no ifs, ands, or buts. I refuse to have them tell me that the moment I canceled the account starting in three days, I got like $50 worth of text messages or something.

Now to find out where the cat hid when the guy was on the roof, dropping down into the back yard, drilling holes in the wall and going in and out without knocking.  To our cat that's like being stuck in a horror movie, poor thing!  

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