Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fond Memories

I've been trying to think of a post that would be 'doll related' interesting, what with all the stuff 'not ready for public' yet, and things I want to sort out first if they are going to be tutorials or personal projects, and the hubby had one of his brilliant ideas: "Just post one of the cat being stupid."  *head desk*

Ahem.  Anyway...
In our old flat, Tama had a vibrating bed.
Now for the doll stuff!

I decided to clean up files and found a bunch of not so great photos that I keep because I love them and they are memories I'm very fond of.  Spontaneous things that just happened during moments or photo shoots. Some were taken with the old HP camera, or my Nokia cell phone so they are blurry but I love them.

My first face up on my first doll.  Ciel came in 2009, Fall-ish.  I used the masking tape eyebrow template trick comicbookartistboi has a marvelous tutorial for. 

My first wig hair cut O_O  That was very scary.  I also had to tighten it to fit his head.  Basically I followed the old sculpting advice: How to I carve a ____?  Easy, just cut off what isn't a ______ (fill in the blank).  And it works. 

A few months later, Jiji was sort of a joke Christmas gift from evil friends, with her huge boobs, and pink wig was everything I swore I'd avoid in BJDs.  Um..sure...
 That pink pull over is my worn out old favorite cotton pull over, remade into the same style for her!  As a joke gift, she's seriously pulled her own weight around here for years, and always with a sly little smile.  She is the most mischievousness girl for someone whose company photos make her look like a bland faced, perfect little princess.  She's a princess, alright!  

Jiji came with flat feet, so I ordered high heel feet from Mint on Card.  They had a difficult time getting the feet for me and finally went with another company after nearly a year.  I had to buy my first Dremel sanding bits and do a bit of re-shaping of her ankles to get the feet joints to fit right, and then stood Jiji up, holding my breath.  She didn't even wobble.

Kyou came third, and I had no idea of how WHITE a white skin could be to photograph and I'm still no photographer.  Nicely, he's just about ivory now and doen't blind me with every flash photo.  He looked so long suffering in this photo.  "How many fittings do I have to go through!"
Kyou was bought for Ciel.  Ciel wanted a Sebastian to order around.  See how this is progressing?  Not 5 months after I have my first doll, my dolls are ordering more dolls. *head desk!*

Ciel's company, Lati Doll, pulled that old trick: stretch out the neck, stretch out the legs, our dolls are taller!  He looked very odd. All stretched out. I finally said, okay fine, I'm going to do this!  And took a hacksaw to him.  The evil look in his eyes when I took this photo made me laugh so hard, I think the neighbors thought I'd lost my mind.

2010, May, I FINALLY got my adoration at first sight AngelsDoll Micheal (now he's Chris) in the mail, after months of "will send next week", and an almost nervous break down over the whole thing, because it was my first direct from the overseas company purchase, and all hell broke loose.  Suddenly I had a 'crew', a cast, a batch of personalities. Egos, even.  Suddenly a group photo to show off new clothes goes haywire as the dolls take over!
Problem one: Chris is supposed to be 72 cm tall. Kyou is 72 cm tall.
Problem two: Ciel is now an inch shorter, company made pants no longer fit!
Problem three: What is that girl up to?  She looks way too innocent.  
Ciel: "Everyone has new clothes but ME!"
Chris: It's your feet, they are huge!
Kyou: O_O
Jiji: Get your hair out of your eyes, Emo boy. 
Plus, Chris is Korean with his junk molded into his pelvis.
Kyou is Chinese, with retractable junk.  If his feet are so big...
Jiji goes into pre-emptive big sister mode!  

At some point in 2012, my floating Raurencio Studio's Vincent head finally gets a Dragon Doll Second Gen Uncle body and 'Toshiaki' immediately takes over Alpha male position; swaggering, smoking and generally being the sort of guy who actually can rock silver news paper print long toed shoes and a pile of junk jewelry.  He was supposed to be a generic salary man type to model suits. I ruined his wig trying to do something about that preposterous cowlick, and he got the 170$ mohair wig project. Chris defaults from macho bully into nerd mode as glasses hide his huge eyes issue. 

One of my first serious cosplay costumes, Jiji as Mineya from Vassalord.  Where I learn that translating manga drawing lines to seam lines is, quite frankly, a bitch.  But, I loved the challenge!  Not one bit of this costume requires removal of hands or head.  

Early 2012, Barry finally showed up, my Dragon Doll Uncle LE guy for the year of the Dragon.  I found out that 'pink skin' that year was actually more like 'sun burnt'.  He's a very pink person in natural light. I also found out that 'smiling eye' dolls need a flat cornea, unlike all my other dolls which all wear the light catching cone shaped corneas.  He's posing for the "this is the shoulder point to point" measure on my measurement chart page.  His head has a tendency to suddenly tip to one side on its own. The first time he did it he was standing up, and I screamed, but he didn't fall over. Barry is a creepy doll, who moves when no one was home or in the room to do anything about moving him. I finally was home one day when he did it while just sitting on the shelf.  You'll hear this little resin on resin scuff noise and Barry will have moved his hand or leg or tipped his head, which can also turn a bit when it happens. *shudder*

Sakuranbo shows up late spring 2012. I swore I'd never buy a 1/6.  Never.
One week later, the little dear was working, and paid him/herself off in two months, and I get as many YoSD orders as I do for all four of the big dolls.  Sakuranbo is un-gendered as far as I'm concerned.  Who needs gender until you're a teenager anyway?  I have learned to take the 'lethal cute' with me to explain what I do for a living to government drones, who up until they see this little darling, have no idea what I mean when I say: "I sew custom doll clothing for a living", no matter how slowly and clearly I say it!  Now I just whip out Sakuranbo in the alice outfit and they melt in their chairs.  

Weeks later, Sakuranbo has confiscated a white tiger beany baby type toy.  That little Victorian smock thing drove me nuts.  My first smocking attempt.

Tama babysitting while I got some photo work done on the computer.  He never bites or scratches any of my dolls. He just photo bombs constantly.

Arashii no Ookami who I met through the manga/anime fandom sent some of her fur pieces, and Toshiaki wants a 1920's 'raccon' coat from this purple piece.  The reflection in the mirror up there is my prototype Sherlock coat.  I have a wallhanging project for Arashii that's been on the books for ages, and might actually get done in the next few months. O_o

Chris trying on his wig for a Tiger & Bunny cosplay I will eventually do the street clothing for along with Karin's Hippy Dippy outfit.  Awesome Mohair wigs from Kemper Doll.  Wefted, not teddy bear fur.

Ciel in a fitting for a coat I can't seem to remember working on.  LOL, sock garters. Seeing his odd proportions in this photo you can imagine how strange he looked before I took a half inch out of his shins and neck.

Tama normally sat on my old computer desk, watching anime with me while I worked.

This new desk isn't working out quite as well.  Squishy cat is trying to get the warmth out of the sun warmed  side wall. Completely neglecting his pile of towels and quilt. Either he or the monitor must go.  He votes for pushing the monitor out of his way.

So, New Year's resolutions, anyone?

1. Pick up my Japanese Language studies again.  I read a few days ago that it takes a 'long time' to reach proficiency in Japanese, Chinese and German, as the most difficult languages for English speakers. About 88 weeks for Japanese.  I did the math, that's less than 2 years.  However, I had also read, ages ago, that to reach literacy level in Japanese, it takes 10 years, 6-8 of those years actually living and working in Japan.  I keep neglecting my studies and I realized that if I HAD kept them up, I'd be literate by now. O_o  So yeah....

2. Pick up the pace with the business and make at least ONE thing for my own dolls a month. I've spent the past year flailing and I'm just about caught up with everything. Maybe I'll get that Dior dress started in January after all.  The one I wanted to do all by hand.  And actually make some clothing for myself. O_o

3. Just get over the whole omg stroke/nearly homeless thing and learn to live with the New Normal in our lives.  The past two months haven't been so bad. I've adjusted to the routine of random medical appointments and physical therapy trips, and my thyroid thing being 'a thing', and that we have to answer for every breath we take to the U.S. Government, but yeah, I'm surprised to say, I'm finally sort of getting used to it. Time to let go of the big plans I had before all this for our life and just make new ones.  

Long post is long.
Remember Longcat?  



  1. My bjd's ordered more dolls also- I swear! :) Love your cat and your look back

    1. So far, I've nipped it in the bud with Ciel, LOL! I really should make him more clothes this year. Jiji is eventually going to get a Xaga doll 1/6 though. Eventually.

      Happy New Year!

  2. I think Jiji is my favorite, especially in the cosplay dress. She even rocks that pink wig and sweater! (I love pink anyway) Tama look so pettable! He really is an amazingly mellow cat. May 2015 be pleasant and easy for both of you!

    1. Oh, I hope it's great for all of us! And Jiji is happy to have her new 'sisters'. ^_^


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