Monday, December 15, 2014

BJDs and Patterning

The first part of my tutorial on patterning a basic dress for SD girls is up on BJDCollectasy.  It comes with a very basic dress pattern in PDF form.  Meaning you will have to work to make it fit your doll.  The good part is, I've done my non-teacher trained best to 'splain' how to do so.

In the next tutorial, I'll be showing how to do some more re-sizing and how to make important jumping off point in design changes, but there is a link to a patterning web site for people in there that will give a better idea of how to do things.  

Basically, besides the omg, what is up with the LEGS being out to here and the necks being up to THERE on these dolls, patterning still follows people methods.  And if you know your company, you know where they like to cheat their doll figures.  For instance: Iplehouse bust sizes.  Well, when a person gets bigger in the bust, there is usually an enlargement over a layer in certain areas.  Iplehouse is more like getting a boob job.  Nothing changes but the boobs.  So you would only have to change that part of the pattern.  Some doll companies at the start just stretched the legs, arms and necks to make a taller doll, when we all wanted taller and taller!  LOL!  Now they know they have to watch themselves or go completely into fantasy like Doll Chateau.

So check out the tutorial, and watch for the second part which I will link here. We simply can not have naked dollies!

And yes, I think sock dresses and pullies are the bomb, considering how cute and small the designs on some socks are.  Just do it right, use the sock like 'fabric' so it's not so obvious!  The problem being that cute socks are so expensive.  But yes, it's too late this year, but next year would be great for sock X-mas sweaters.  I keep seeing socks and thinking, omg, doll sweater!  My mind is so warped now. >.<;;  Or maybe it's just because it's finally so blasted cold in California!

In the mean time, I'm trying to wrap up a few orders and finally put a long standing one in the mail after god knows what to my throat put me in slow motion mode for a week and a half.  

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