Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

  Happy New Year 2015 and Best Wishes and Good Health for everyone this coming year.  ^_^

Thank you to everyone who has helped us with orders this past year.  Gratitude is such a difficult thing to express enough of.  May we all be able to say at the end of 2015, this was a good year.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Fond Memories

I've been trying to think of a post that would be 'doll related' interesting, what with all the stuff 'not ready for public' yet, and things I want to sort out first if they are going to be tutorials or personal projects, and the hubby had one of his brilliant ideas: "Just post one of the cat being stupid."  *head desk*

Ahem.  Anyway...
In our old flat, Tama had a vibrating bed.
Now for the doll stuff!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Apartment Therapy's January Cure

Okay so we live in this little flat, maybe about 14 ft by 40 ft, sort of a modified shot gun shack rectangle thing.  We have a living room on one end and a bedroom on the other, with the kitchen and bath and ONE closet taking up space between.  We jammed a 3 bedroom 2 bath apartment in to this and it's been slowly de-junki-fying ever since.

I give up!  I'm signing up for the January Cure on Apartment Therapy.  Every day you get a task, small, do-able, and you do it.  I did print out the 30 days to an apartment that 'cleans itself' task list when we moved in, but that didn't last long.  So I'm going to try again this January to turn this place into a HOME, rather than a live in storage space.

I'm seriously hooked on Apartment Therapy.  First of all, it's got a whole section on living in small spaces, some way too small, but inspiring.  Up until now my only assistance in adjusting was a photo book on Tokyo apartments (omg the cramming!)  The tours are great for seeing what can be done with the oddest spaces.  Haven't you always wanted to just nose around in stranger's homes? LOL!  anyway, I've not got so mad yet as to rainbow organize my books, but I am starting to develop a tolerance for Ikea.  I just need to find the perfect way to store and organize my dolls.  

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Another Computer Scam Warning

Last week, along with the new cable being much faster, we started getting pop-ups that sped past AdBlock Plus and all sorts of bogus warnings to call bogus numbers and get ourselves ripped off.  So I checked one that looked very realistic at MicroSoft proper, and it said there that if there really WAS something in your computer using it as a zombie computer to attack other computers, your provider is responsible for contacting you. 

Quote from the web site at MS.
Will Microsoft ever call me?
There are some cases where Microsoft will work with your Internet service provider and call you to fix a malware-infected computer—such as during the recent cleanup effort begun in our botnet takedown actions. These calls will be made by someone with whom you can verify you already are a customer. You will never receive a legitimate call from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes.
End Quote
The implication is that your internet provider would be the one contacting you.  We all know, or should know that along with all the other wonderful things out there, the internet can tell us our IP number, who we are if we are logged in (thanks, Google, you ass!) or all the other little bits of info in the data packets that come and go normally.  So yeah, when I got this, I was like O_o  damn cable....

screen cap of the offensive thing, open in another window to see how 'authentic' this looks.

The thing is yelling at me with a computer voice, despite my volume being down to a tiny 'plink' and it's listing my cable company, my computer system, everything that's at stake, right? wouldn't let me close the window to shut it to hell up.  This is a dead give-away of being crapulous.  Nice things don't lock up your browser and don't pop up more threats when you try to escape them.  They'll probably realize that and start unlocking things immediately, to convince you they are real.  

So I called my cable company, not that number on the screen, but the number in my phone that I know is the cable company, DUH! I have virus programs and this opened in a news link window.  Google News to be exact.  Hmmm.  Anyway, if you see shite like this, don't call THEIR number, Call your ISP company and ask them personally.  The guy I got at T/W was utterly confused, thought it was an email scam, but no, that's not their number, and they have no interest in our computers, nothing getting through their system.  So it's a new one even on them. 

Basically, the hackers took the cue from MS and now are pretending to be your provider contacting you. All this information is right there in your data packets going back and forth on the internet unless you're some super encrypted uber-survivor type.  The T/W tech guy gave me one good piece of advice: Never call a phone number in a popup.  Never!  But this looks very real, restates what MS web site says and all that stuff.  

Another nasty trick they've pulled recently is a new window will suddenly open behind the one you're useing, with a YouTube clone and someone will start lecturing a business group or something, very loudly and obnoxiously, while triggering an .EXE file to download.  If you're watching something the audio will take over.  Probably by the time most people get over being startled and irritated by the noise and force close the lecture screen via control/alternate/delete and their task manager screen, the .EXE file is down, un-noticed.  So watch for that one as well.  It's a simple matter to set your computer to not run anything without your permission.  

Monday, December 15, 2014

BJDs and Patterning

The first part of my tutorial on patterning a basic dress for SD girls is up on BJDCollectasy.  It comes with a very basic dress pattern in PDF form.  Meaning you will have to work to make it fit your doll.  The good part is, I've done my non-teacher trained best to 'splain' how to do so.

In the next tutorial, I'll be showing how to do some more re-sizing and how to make important jumping off point in design changes, but there is a link to a patterning web site for people in there that will give a better idea of how to do things.  

Basically, besides the omg, what is up with the LEGS being out to here and the necks being up to THERE on these dolls, patterning still follows people methods.  And if you know your company, you know where they like to cheat their doll figures.  For instance: Iplehouse bust sizes.  Well, when a person gets bigger in the bust, there is usually an enlargement over a layer in certain areas.  Iplehouse is more like getting a boob job.  Nothing changes but the boobs.  So you would only have to change that part of the pattern.  Some doll companies at the start just stretched the legs, arms and necks to make a taller doll, when we all wanted taller and taller!  LOL!  Now they know they have to watch themselves or go completely into fantasy like Doll Chateau.

So check out the tutorial, and watch for the second part which I will link here. We simply can not have naked dollies!

And yes, I think sock dresses and pullies are the bomb, considering how cute and small the designs on some socks are.  Just do it right, use the sock like 'fabric' so it's not so obvious!  The problem being that cute socks are so expensive.  But yes, it's too late this year, but next year would be great for sock X-mas sweaters.  I keep seeing socks and thinking, omg, doll sweater!  My mind is so warped now. >.<;;  Or maybe it's just because it's finally so blasted cold in California!

In the mean time, I'm trying to wrap up a few orders and finally put a long standing one in the mail after god knows what to my throat put me in slow motion mode for a week and a half.  

Friday, December 5, 2014

Dior Study Project 01

So, having completely neglected to save the photos I took of the patterning part, nothing much new, just the same old adjusting the basic bodice, etc.  and getting the underslip done and starting to put the bodice lining and front on, I though, oops... .  That's what I get for working on this in the early mornings before I'm seriously awake.

The break down, with swiped images because when backing up my camera, I missed a file.  >.<;;  Gone! Gone forever!  And all because I was trying to back them up and not lose them!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Good Lord T-mobile is Scary

After the cable was set up and working like greased lightening, I decided to call T-mobile and just get it over with.  It was like dealing with the FBI or something.  They made me feel like some kind of criminal, THEN offered to convert our account as a pay as you go one.

I literally had to bite my tongue before I tore the guy's ear off and spit it at him through the phone!  You see, last year at this time, a few days after my head stopped trying to explode over my husband's near death, I had called T-mobile and ASKED THEM to convert the account to pay as you go!  I begged them to understand the situation.   They said they couldn't.  Now suddenly they were begging ME to go with a pay as you go account.  I told the man who was browbeating me that and he had nothing more to say.  I had to force him to take the final end cycle payment, and yes, since we have three more days on the cycle, it was over charged.  I doubt I will ever see that money again, little as it is.  He also screwed up and was trying to tell me that the money I had recently paid to pay off the un-usable phone was an over payment.  I sorted him out on that one.

So while I'm greatful it's all over, I feel sort of horrible right now.  How dare they?  Just how dare they?  This is definitely a 'tea' moment.

Oooh, I'm so angry, I need to just calm the hell down. But yes, the Time-Warner cable is up and running, despite the rain, it's very fast compared to what we are used to and oddly, despite it being CABLE, we were given WIFI access.  So I hope that isn't going to be a glitch on the bill later I'm going to regret.  But it does say FREE wifi access in the paperwork.  So for once I'm thankful to Google for being such a threat to everyone with their proposed new service. O_o

I took the SIMs out of our Ex-phones so they can't run up the bill with any more text messages, which we have been getting since I paid off the Samsung what ever.  If the phones are off the network they are off the network, no ifs, ands, or buts. I refuse to have them tell me that the moment I canceled the account starting in three days, I got like $50 worth of text messages or something.

Now to find out where the cat hid when the guy was on the roof, dropping down into the back yard, drilling holes in the wall and going in and out without knocking.  To our cat that's like being stuck in a horror movie, poor thing!  

Le Petit Theatre Dior And Doll Clothing

One of my favorite designers has always been Dior.  Seeing the mockeries some of the modern designers have made of his iconic designs as so called homage only makes me more determined to study more of the original design and construction the Dior Atelier used and continues to.  So I've been stalking the YouTube channel and finally got around to it today.  After everything that's been going on, a year later, I'm gathering up my senses again and putting plans I had for 2014 in place for 2015.  One of them was to do an in depth study of a Dior dress from the 'skin' up for one of my dolls.

 I have what I call my Dior Dress in a box, some assembly required packed away since last October 2013, with the intent of starting Jan 1 of 2014.  But stuff happened.  Fishcake had sent me some fabulous ribbon trimmed fabric that screamed !!!DIOR!!! at me the moment I saw it in the box. Much jumping up and down and scaring of the cat ensued. I have broken it down step by step and plan on doing a little each day, as my treat for 'being good', what ever that means.  In the mean time, go watch the pretties on the Dior channel and if you're like might want to put a napkin on to catch the drool. >.>;;