Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Well, I've Really Done it Now! >.<;;

I just realized at 9 pm that when I addressed GH's Sephiroth coat package, I completely neglected to put the apartment number.  I had photographed the package with my cell phone before taking it to the post office, was checking my Paypal account---and realized something.  Her address had five lines (including United States) and I was like.....erm.....OMG!  No "Apartment xxx" on line three!  Because I'm no longer trusting Paypal's shipping label set up after what happened to me a few weeks ago, I go to the post office and use their machine to print a postage sticker, and was in a hurry and hand wrote the address on the package.  I even took my phone (the paypal email) with me so that the P.O. couldn't give me the old "this address doesn't exist" routine I've gone through far too many times.  *head desk*

If the post person who delivers GH's mail doesn't make a habit of sorting things by name and knows their route, the package should come right back to me as undelivered.  >.<;;  Then I can correct it, buy another postage (sucks boo!) and ship it right back to GH.

I'm just so damned mad at myself right now!  Haste definitely makes waste.  I can only hope that nothing happens to that package!

From now on, I'm having the hubby double check the address, and mailing in the morning of the next day, rather than running out the door at the last possible minute just to catch the last shipment of the day! >.<;; 

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