Friday, November 21, 2014

Trying to Ditch T-Mobile But They Wont Take We're Broke for an Answer.

EDIT!:  Thank you so much, Fishcake and Aernath!  Your orders have cleared our books with T-mobile and allowed us to come up with the extra un-mentioned until last darned minute deposit fee for Earthlink (the rats!)

I've done all the math so many times and this month, it's like so close, so very close!  But without another order for at least 80$ for December, we're still trapped in the endless cycle of pay at the end of the 'month'.  The thing is I need the phone tether for internet.  With no internet, no business, flat out, can not be done. Not even for a week, not going to the library and using their computer or what ever they have available.  I have to be able to answer emails and see images and respond quickly to customer queries or I risk loosing a sale.   Actually without the internet, nothing can be done in this Century. O_o

October 2013, the hubby needed a new phone and I got the Galaxy whatever, with the idea that if my Blackberry went down, the Galaxy can be tethered. 

Problem 1.  After purchasing and receiving the basically upgraded version of the old Sidekick slider keyboard phone my hubby really wanted, I was informed by T-mobile that we can't tether that phone.  Even though the company that makes it says you can, T-mobile doesn't allow it.  It didn't matter one bit that I wanted to return the phone based on having been told when I purchased it that I COULD tether the phone, they wouldn't let me.  At the time, my husband needed a phone with internet so we gave up.  After all, I still had my Blackberry. 

Problem 2.  My husband had a stroke and using the slider part became impossible for him.  Not only that but the screen thing is such a pain in the behind, he can't get that to work right.  You need to just give up and open the phone to access much of anything.  We put the chip in the old Nokia clamshell and I took the dataplan off the phone number.  T-mo reduced our bill 40$ and reduced my bandwith to pretty much just what would have worked in 2000.  Not now.  

Problem 3.  My Blackberry is disintegrating.  Not only is the rubber thingie on top gone, and it locks itself randomly, god help me in an emergency situation, but the Phone browser no longer lets me use it most of the time.  (Strange how it's Google sites that keeps triggering the 'fail' on it and no service, and unsafe website!) I use it primarily for the BB email and the tethering internet to my desk top capability. 

I have been fortunate to make just enough money to pay the car insurance, electric bill, and the phone service and a little gasoline every month, and we still have to pay off the useless phone, and then we can cancel T-mobile before the next cycle starts.  They will not let us cancel anything until we pay off the phone and the last service bill.  They wouldn't even let us cancel the one phone number for a lower cost, since they've raised their prices and lowered their bandwidth allowances.  It's still 100$ a month, plus what we owe on the phone.  

If I get a pay as you go tracfon, and the hubby has his Lifeline phone, and we sign up for Earthlink's cheapest cable internet, not only is our bill is cut in HALF, but the internet use really is unlimited again.  We don't need the super duper high speed, we just need the internet. 

If I could just get one or two more orders for December, I could pay off that blasted phone, cancel T-mo as soon as the cable is in, and have a lot less stress in my life.  Earthlink might go out now and then, but T-mobile messes up way too much on random things like the weather, and they have issues with my photo uploading even at the start of the cycle when I have all my bandwidth allowance.  Plus, Earthlink has a 6 month discount for new customers.  That would be a huge help.  

We just had pouring rain, lightening and thunder that rattled the building last night and I'm surprised I can get online today!  Usually a good rain kills the tower in our area.  Maybe it was raining so hard, none soaked in. The poor cat was burrowed under the bedspread shivering in fear for a few hours.  We haven't had a thunderstorm like that in a decade. O_o  Naturally the hubby didn't notice a thing. 


  1. Hey, can I have you do two Soom Girl sized Kimono-- with a split in the back from the waist down? (for a Vesuvia tail). Send me the PP bill and I will pay it and send you the fabric next week (I have to find it in the mess of the studio)

  2. Thank you so much! To be free of T-mobile is such a blessing!

    When you have time, measure from the back of her neck to where the tail split should start?



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