Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Skip Earthlink, O_O Ending up Going Straight to Time Warner.

I spend almost 2 hours total on the phone Friday afternoon trying to get through the red tape at Earthlink, AFTER I had called them 3 times before with questions and had notes and all the money work written down and at the end, they tried to charge me another 100 to set up the cable! O_o  So I broke down a little and said screw this, screw you and I'm outta here.  The thing is, Time Warner and Comcast (to hell with them!) service the Earthlink hook up in our area.  T-W was only supposed to be less than 40 a month, while Comcast charges 50 plus a month for the SAME Earthlink service.  I was losing my mind dealing with those people.  So I thought, Okay, Monday, I'm calling T-W directly.  That morning, I told them what had gone on with Earthlink's people, and they pointed out that basic internet cable from them directly is now 15$ a month and 5$ for the modem rental.  O_O  OKaaaaay, interesting.  I was informed that the Earthlink people have some issues about stretching the truth about pricing.  We had to go on errands, and I said let me call you back later.  Aggressively, they called me back that evening a little after 7 pm.  The lady I spoke to was back tracking on the BS Earthlink had given me verses the person Earthlink had switched me to to set up the  T-W installation.  She was concerned over the attempt to get my social security number and the insistance on paying the cable guy cash.  She said, with the 15$ package we'll wave the install fee, and you only have to pay the deposit, and the first month, and they were sorry for all the 'stuff' Earthlink had given me.  I said, it's late, I'm tired, I'm dealing with five things at once, I'll call back in the morning, but that sounds great.  So, I call back this morning (during business hours, remember those?  9 - 5? Yeah I thought so...total myth, right?)  And I get yet another tacked on charge.  *eye roll*  But I held my ground, and got it un-tacked surprisingly easily by simply being calm, polite, and repeating why I was told otherwise?

I had to put a cut link on this, it's so complicated!

Good news; the Cable guy will be here Dec 3, between 3 and 4 pm  (*ROFLMAO!* yeah right!  I'll make popcorn!  Someone get me the number of a good bookie!)  But, I did pay in advance, and I paid off the remaining balance on the useless Samsumg Gravity Q cell phone, and on Dec 6th, 2.5 days after I've made absolutely certain that the T/W cable internet actually works, I'll pay off the final month (November's) on T-mobile and be done with them. I wonder how they will deal with unlocking the samsung phone, because maybe I can sell it? despite it's horrific reviews since the day I signed up for it? Ah well, what ever.  The best thing is, in the coming year, we will have a much smaller expenses bill, and for that we are truly thankful. Less stress means a better seamstress.  And a happy gas tank, I can't spend so much time on a bike or walking and to heck with the BUS! I'd never get anything done!  And supposedly we can rent Netflix and Amazon things without being throttled or charged more.  The service charge is for the 'speed' not the volume of the service.

I'm willing to put up with crappy ISP as long as I'm paying for crappy ISP.  But here's what gets me.  T-mo runs about 47kbs on the average, with them freaking out and booting me off over an uploaded photo larger than 100kb.  My Blackberry isn't showing much of anything when I use it any more and it's stopped letting me follow links in email to photos on the browser.  That's my 'unlimited' data with the phone. I've noticed that when I'm online on the desk top, it's sucking up kbs double time now.  Probably pages are loaded with more junk now and taking up that bandwidth, but I've got to pay for that stuff.  Time Warner is telling me that 1gb is sad and slow, I should get the better package.  I'm all, LOL!  you mean a step up from 47kb to 1gb?  I don't care if it has to buffer a few things, I have a computer, not a TV.

I rant a lot, don't I?  What this means is I get to sleep a little better at night, knowing that the money I earn from now on is not swirling down a drain for much of a nothing.  I think a lot of this has to do with the threat Google is posing to offer basic service for 0$ per month. O_o  (yeah with a $300.00 construction fee, don't be too fooled by that low price).

So, the conclusion is; don't hand over your Social Security number for INTERNET anything, and don't pay CASH to the installation guy....WTF?  Call the company up and make a payment over the phone with your insured bank debit/credit card so you can sick your bank on them if they don't deliver.  And stand your ground on that 'internet' sign up deal because they will eventually back down to make the sale.  And what ever you do, do NOT sign up for auto pay.  It's better to give them their deposit, than to let them into your bank account, because most of the horror stories online are the ones with 'auto pay' set up.  The ones where Verizon takes out 1200 dollars from your account and then rather than give it back after admitting they robbed you, they'll give you credit for your money?  Yeah, been there, they tried to bill us for 1200 the first month we had cell with them.  OMG what a fight that was!  Thank goodness it wasn't auto pay.  I never do auto pay, not even with Geico the best car insurance ever.

And when you move, even if it's across the blasted street, turn in your 'box' or 'modem' at the company and get a receipt and a photo or video of yourself doing so, because even with a receipt for returning said equipment and you have the Arch Angel Micheal (or better yet, the Soom Obsidius) standing beside you with a flaming sword as character witness, they will swear up and down that you STOLE the equipment.  

Rant over, back to work.

Happy Thanks Giving!  ^_^  

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