Monday, November 24, 2014

Shoe Boxes, Gift Boxes and Bags to Print Out and Make

I've seen these things off and on in the fashion doll side of reality, and decided to look them up for organizing my doll's accessories and stuff in.  You print out a gift or a shoe box (with a separate lid) on card stock and assemble it and there you are.  Suddenly your dolly has stacks of shoe boxes you can label from famous companies. Well, it's that time of year when such things come in extra handy, for small gifts, Christmas tree decorations, etc.  Personally I was always dismayed as a kid when the little gift boxes decorating the tree had nothing in them, so throw in a wrapped candy or something for inquisitive brats like I was.  Label 24 of them with different things in them and make the whole tree an advent calendar.  Don't be a total bore and just put empty pretty boxes up. Rant over, sorry about that, these flashbacks...*shudders*.

I found Crafty Ferret has a nice variety of boxes.  They have free templates that you can over print on patterns already in your computer, or on paper you buy for scrap booking.  Pretty cool, no? Check out the rest of the blog and site for other neat ideas.

Image Property of Crafty Ferret
I'm going to try using this template to organize my dolls' stuff, and my sewing room shelves with a larger version.  My dolls don't have many floating heads; rather, 'floating personalities', depending on who they are for the outfit.  So I'll put the eyes, wig, outfits and accessories for say, Ceil Phantomhive in one box, and  for Nigihayami Kohakunushi  in another.  

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