Friday, November 7, 2014

Pinterest is a Pain but Worth it, And Other Rambling.

I just spent a totally un-necessary half hour fighting with Pinterest (and possibly Google) to get into my account.  Apparently if you don't sign in, the blasted thing puts up a half grey screen telling you to sell your soul get an account or sign in to see more. What ever.  The real reason I wanted so badly to get back in is that Petit Main Sauvage in her recent post has put up photos of her visit to the Geementemuseum for an exhibit of gorgeous period clothing from the 1825 to 1920s period.  Well worth the fight with Pinterest.

Petit Main Sauvage is an excellent (and professional) stitcher and patterner, well worth following if you are looking for tips on construction and patterning.

So we're finally 'settling in' rather than just 'living with it' and in trying for organization like this, which I don't think I'll ever achieve:

I found this on Pinterest after searching 'sewing studio'.
Seems like it's from Apartment Therapy, too. 

I discovered that as an 'interior decorating' tool, PowerPoint is a wonderful thing!  Just toss up some color coded shapes and adjust for the square footage and there you are, a program to rearrange your rooms with out the two frustrated friends, pizza and beer.

I wanted to figure out how to move things around in what little room we have in the living room without the time suck of just stripping the room and putting it all back in.  I wanted to be scientific about it. The round orange thing on the grey rectangle is our remaining table (drop leaf with wheels) and the carpet under it.  Now I have my little home office/studio cockpit with almost everything in reach, and the light from the side window over my shoulder, rather than in my face.  Like any good 'cubicle' it allows me to have a 'separate' space in which to focus on my work, go to work, and still be part of the overall home environment.  It also seems to have created a setting where hubby waits for me to finish what I'm doing, rather than just treating me like a duty nurse (which amuses him, but I'm so not wearing the costume...) Things are still crowded, but the situation is under control and improving.

Even if it never will look at neat as any of the photos on Pinterest.


  1. That's really cool. Personally I have given up and now use the entire house for craft things. Luckily J is very tolerant.

    1. I've been trying to contain myself for years. Dolls were an effort to downsize, LOL! Then the dolls took over. >.>;;

  2. yes pinterest can be such a pain that way- i wanna seeee!

    1. If you mean the museum picks Petit Main Sauvage put up, the link is there. Such gorgeous clothes! My screen isn't showing the link as underlined or highlighted, I wonder if that's an over all browsers thing. It lights up when I mouse over it. My Pinterest is only for looking at other pinterests, so I have nothing there.


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