Friday, November 14, 2014

Flu Shots!

Let me state first of all, that I HATE getting stuck with needles.  It DOES hurt.  I don't care what anyone says.  I breath deep, I relax, it hurts.  When they draw blood for all the tests, it feels like torture.  NO I'm not immune to it because of sewing for a living, I'm over sensitive to it!  YES I am a big baby!

So, today we get flu shots.  I never went for the things before, because I didn't think I needed them.  Now because I can't afford to be ill, not be able to care for hubby and all that, I'm going for it for both of us.  So I asked the guy at the pharmacy, why did everyone I know at the college who got their (obligatory for teachers!) flu shots always get sick anyway?

1. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the body to use that shot to build a barricade against the infection, depending on your body chemistry.

2. You might have already been exposed.  Hence, if you have a fever, no shot, pointless, your body will just reject it.  So if you have a fever and they 'shoot' you anyway, expect it to be a fail, and don't let anyone give you a shot without testing you for a fever first. 

3.  Some people just get a mild reaction to the shot's germs that is no where near as bad as they would have if they had not had the shot, hence they wouldn't have had a reaction to the shot. O_o  So yeah, if you get the shot...and still get a bit sick for a day or would have freaking turned into a brain sucking zombie otherwise.

4. One shot does not cover ALL the flu variations.  *head desks*

So shots today.  *wince*

I hope I don't get sick anyway.  I'm a whimp.  But if we're going to be going to doctor's offices and PT, we need those shots. *whimper*

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