Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fishcake is Awesome

Or totally insane; but in a good way.  She gifted me a girl who looks so much like the doll I was eventually going to put together, that I can now use the head I had purchased last year for another character entirely.  The new girly, an Iplehouse SID Cherie, is just beautiful.  Fishcake got the head form Nanyalin and the body from Jo1961, and I guess she tipped the scales at Fishcake's, so she passed her to me.  She's a smaller bust than the other SID girl and I kept thinking, something's wrong here...AHA!  she's the only SD size range girl I have who isn't wamdigious in the bust line. O_o  Well, at least not overly so.  I hope Nanyalin doesn't mind my softening up the eye make up a bit, because I love how it's done, but my character just needs a bit more lighter eye shadow, and the corner lines on her mouth redone to make her less frowny. I think the Iple girls are all sort of frowny or at least a bit too smug from the mold out.  I can't get over how lovely she is, the face up is gorgeous and the eyes Fishcake sent her with are marvelous, and she's just perfect for the character of Karin from Tiger&Bunny.  Another wondful thing; the wig I bought for the character when I got the other head last October, is the same exact color as the eyebrows Nanyalin did for her.  I had to just sit down for a while and stare at her in awe.  I think this is the first time I've ever got a pressie that was just so perfect in every possible way.

And of course, I have nothing for her to wear! O_o  So she's not happy. Not happy at all. *snickers* Hubby calls this the "I was a teenaged cave girl" look.


So the Only Doll blank head I have will now go for another character when I ever have time to get it to match the caramel colored SID large bust body that I lowered the neck base on.  I tried test dying the head cap according to tutorials, and yeah, not pretty.  It looks like a hard boiled egg yolk after it's been in the fridge over night.  Thank goodness a wig will always cover the cap. O_o;;

Tama has been helping me a lot lately.  (Too much.)

So, Wednesday we see if the Time-Warner Cable thing works and then it's shutting off T-mobile.  I had to try about 4 times to get online a few minutes ago.  *eyeroll*  I'm not sure how that will work out, but fingers crossed that when the dust settles, I will have internet still, for a hell of a lot less.


  1. Tama is so glorious--and Cherie is a hoot in the sneakers! I'm so glad you will have fun with her! :D

  2. Blogger is hating on me again. For some reasons my comments and replies getting through depends on the whims of the weather rather than on my computer, browser and connection.

    I have a rule: no doll without one pair of shoes to call their own. Jiji's spare sneakers were the only ones that fit, LOL!

    Tama may look all proper and regal but he's a terrible little spoiled brat most of the time. I've had two Himalayan and both were soft pawed, and teeth happy. I wonder if it's a trait, that they love to grab things and run. He's calmed down over the years, but the first two years were like having 6 ferrets in the house.


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