Thursday, February 5, 2015

Commission: Fishcake's Soom Vesuvia 4 Kimono

Post updated for final photos under the cut.

I've often wondered about the tailed dolls, since so many people have them. I think of them as a 'figure challenge' rather than a 'figure problem'.  Fishcake has commissioned two split back kimono for her Vesuvia.  As you can see, that's not just any tail stuck on with a magnet.  Like the mermaids, she's articulated and interesting. Step back some, Kim K.  THIS is booty to stare at.

Order updated to add 2 more kimono.  ^_^

Snagged from Soom Emporium
Order paid in full, completion in December.  Customer sending fabric.

Note to self: Fishcake described the base of the tail as being like the Vick logo.

February 5, 2015  Finished!

Four kimono and a bonus that turned up all on it's own!  ^_^

This one turned out to be reversible!  Because the others have obvious lining fabric and this one was cotton on both sides, I went with a theory and it worked! 

And each of them has a split above the tail high enough to hang correctly when she's dressed.  The length, as usual, is to be either trailed, or folded up with an under belt, and the obi tied over it.  This is floor length on Antoinette so it shouldn't be super long on the Vesuvia and her friends.  

I'll be shipping this as soon as I get things checked for stray threads and pressing more neatly.  I'm trying to keep the electric bill down so the ironing is intermitant around here, LOL!

And the lovely Selket in her finished yukata!  LINK

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