Thursday, November 20, 2014

Commission: Elfdoll Girl Military Uniform for Y.H.Lee

This is an original character design outfit by Y.H.Lee, with the commissioned art created for her by Stephanie Folse on Deviant Art. 
Order is for December 2014, 4 weeks completion, paid in full with shipping.

This is going to be AWESOME!  The only thing I'm going to have any difficulty with is finding the little bar clip things for the jacket closures.  There has got to be something out there I can use.
S. Folse, Artist

Dec 2, 2014

I ordered this buckle last night and for some reason, the system kept holding onto our old address for dear life. It took six months for Paypal to just let go and now all the companies I order from are still insisting on the old address, so I was holding my breath until got back to us this morning about the address correction.  One little buckle. O_o  This was the closest I could find to a gold rectangular one in the correct size. ^_^  Fletcher Pattern Co. is my go to for tiny buttons, zippers and such.  I'm still patterning and testing the pattern, but the fabric will be home today.  

5/8 by 1/2 inch 
I've also got this vague idea for the bar closures on the jacket shoulder.  Vague, but something's working it's way up through the coffee soaked swamp I call a brain.  I'll have to stare at the jewelry findings in at Hobby Lobby and Micheals for a while, and make sure that my concept is going to hold up through repeated use or if I will have to 'fake it'

Jan 3, 2015

It's in progress, I'm at the putting the red trim point on, and it will be done and ready to photo by Monday.  I still have to check my wire idea for the fake closures, but I can't do it until the jacket is more together to see how it will hold up and go on.  I'm sure it will work.

Jan 5, 2015

The cold weather had slowed me down (31 degrees at night!) but today was beautiful and warm so I was able to catch up with quite a lot.  Taking a break for dinner prep and all that and then pulling an all nighter, so the photos will be up later, but up.  Right now it's just lining in pants, lining in jacket and putting on the little bits of wire to make the  catch things, plus snaps, etc.  I don't want to stop to photo half finished so I'll just put everything up when I'm done.  It will all be ready to ship tomorrow before 4:30's last truck goes out, so check in the morning?  And I want photos when the outfit is on the doll, LOL!  I'm begging everyone for photos for the interview thing and this is going to be so cute!

10:50 pm.  I'm going to have to crash and go to bed.  I got caught up in an email back and forth with a potential customer, researching the project to quote a price, and it took up more time than I could pull back out of a cup of coffee.  I've got hems, pressing, de-linting, beads and snaps to sew on, and wrapping the wire to make the false closures and put them on to go. I put one of the cuff beads on the jacket where I thought it would show up, but it's showing as just a little sparkle in the belly button area, LOL!  But yes, it's almost done!  Just the fiddly bits not and I'll have the final photos later Tuesday.  I was only able to fit in five of the six feathers to each wing of the emblem. Rather sloppy posing for the jacket, but I'm blurry eyed.  The red silk is fresh blood drop red, but it looks somewhat hot fushia on my computer. O_o I'll try for a daylight photo tomorrow.

January 06, 2015

Finished!  I had a bit of a break down over the wire, but in the end, I went with just 'sewing' it into the fabric and just letting it go. Maybe a larger gage wire would do it, but this was what I had and it had to fit round the snaps behind it.  I ended up photographing under artificial light again, but black fabric is awful to photo anyway.

A rather shaky and blurry close up. 

slacks back

slacks front

The full effect.  
 It's a little squishy looking but the only doll I have close in size is too big in the bosom to model it well.  Just be careful about the wire bits, it's all one piece, nicely flexible (jewelry wire) and in a place that doesn't get much wear and tear, but it's very thin.  The belt tab is dipped in Gorilla glue to keep it from fraying and make it stiff but still flexible.  The white and red parts are silk but the whole thing has been preshrunk, as much dye removed as soaking will get rid of and fairly stable.  It's ready to go out tomorrow while I'm running errands. I'll let the customer know what the tracking is as soon as I get it printed from Paypal.  ^_^


  1. Buckle!

    Good luck with the jewelry findings...I used to do beading as a hobby and I remember how overwhelmed I got by the sheer variety of offerings and trying to find the right ones.

    So excited!

    1. There has got to be something out there. O_O


  2. So excited to see what the photos look like! :D Thank you for the update.

    1. I'm a little behind, as usual, but photos will be up tonight, and ready to ship tomorrow, with your approval.

    2. Probably going to bed now (after travel hilarity, we flew in from Atlanta to home today, after trying to get home from upstate NY and getting delayed) but I will be checking tomorrow. Looking forward! :)

    3. Wow, you picked a nice time of year to be in the land of the glaciers, LOL! That's where I'm from, up near Buffalo.

      I need one more day. >.<

    4. Oh wow, that's looking great! One more day is no problem on my end. :)


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