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Commission: EID SH Sephiroth Coat for GH. Alterations.

This post is back up for Alterations.  Further info under the cut. ^_^

Final Fantasy major bad guy Sephiroth.  His coat under all that shoulder armor is pretty simple.  The cross straps on his chest are actually his suspenders to his pants, I believe.  Let's face it, with a sword that big, you can dress anyway you want.  GH's EID SH makes a major sweet Sephiroth, too.  I need to look in to that Worbla stuff for making armor.

Deposit paid, final balance when customer is ready.  This will be made up in cotton with a lining and seven little belted buckles.
Swiped from Wikipedia

The buckles I'll be using, and the god awful scratched up surface of my glass desk top. O_o

Nov 8, 2014

The outter shell and inner lining are complete and ready for measurement checking, so I put the two layers on a borrowed Soom Idealian for a check and to see how the coat flared.  At this point the seams haven't been pressed, because I might have to take them out or in a bit.  The big Sooms, while the same height and mostly match in the verticals are still smaller by a few centimeters in the horizontals than the EID SHs.  Sort of like a C vrs DDD if you know what I mean.  ~_^  I'm really pleased with the collar.  Crappy lighting because we don't get the sun on the front room after 3 pm and the big guy was not cooperating.  (Do dolls know when you are making fun of them? O_o) The EID SHs are so muscular in the back it wasn't even worth photographing on the doll from behind. It just caved in and looked silly, so I put it back on a hanger.  I need to go over the measurements one more time and make any tiny adjustments, then sew the lining in and get going on the belt/buckle closures tomorrow.  I will be ready to ship Monday.  Final photos will be up then.  While it photos very dark grey the coat is very black in reality.

The lining (fraying away...) with the collar basted in place

Outer  put on over lining. 

The back view on a hanger

November 10, 2014  Finished! 

The shiny bits on the ends of the belt tabs are where I put Gorilla Glue to make good solid ends. I wanted something that would dry like plastic and be flexible and not just break up and the stuff worked!  The tips have to be bent just a bit to get them through the little buckles. I did one to show how it's done.  The bulky chest and back of the EID SH body make the flat garment look icky on the table, but should fit him like a glove.  

Big chested guy gets a blousey front laid flat. O_o
IH actually puts BUST DARTS in their guy's shirts, or they were, LOL! 

This blasted hem is not crooked!  Shows me I should not be in a hurry. >.>;;
Note the room for those bulky back muscles.  
Shipping today as soon as I can get out the door! ^_^

Opps nearly forgot, didn't print instructions.  This fabric has all been pre-washed, pre-shrunk, but there remains a bit of dye, so that you don't want to leave it on the doll in humid weather.  Wash by hand, rinse without ringing and let hang dry in a non-sunny place for long life.  Gorilla Glue is water proof, but I wouldn't soak the garment for more than a quick rinse.  Press with a low temp iron.  I use a rolled up wash cloth to make a 'doll form' to shape garments on when I'm pressing them, that way you get a nice 'arm' and shoulder and so forth.  The buckles are sliders, not the tab through hole kind for easier buckling.

If the customer wishes to enhance more 'silver detail' on the belt parts, a bit of a very light touch with silver fabric paint might do, but be careful that stuff is evil.

November 15, 2014  

After the trauma of the mislabeled package, we have a few small issues to resolve.  The very dramatic collar doesn't come far enough forward to match the character's collar/chin ratio.  The waist is a bit too big, which might be the recent change in the EID body line, and the changes will cause the V neck and buckles to re-align.  I'm quite happy with how handsome he looks in customer photos from the waist up.  GH was very patient to follow instructions and pin the coat to fit and we agreed to my paying shipping charges for the returns.  I look forward to seeing him in the corrected coat! ^_^  The coat is in the mail and I have promised a quick 1-2 day turn around to get it back in the mail, baring Sunday no mail runs, naturally.  

November 20, 2014  The alteration is done! ^_^

And I noticed in the photo that the buckle move dent was still in the fabric and steam pressed it out.  Some things you don't see until it's 'captured', one of the many reasons to have a camera in this business.  Right clicking photos opens a larger view in another window.  So, I took in the waist snugly and as you can see, the flare appears! I knew it was in there somewhere. O_o  

day light, no flash

Same blasted position, same daylight, no flash.  Maybe the sun came out? 
The collar has been lengthened at the top, and in the same position to stand up properly, the 'V' neck has been raised and the buckle closure from the bottom moved to the top in proportion with the others.  The coat was pressed again and de-linted before being put in a package to resend.

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