Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fishcake is Awesome

Or totally insane; but in a good way.  She gifted me a girl who looks so much like the doll I was eventually going to put together, that I can now use the head I had purchased last year for another character entirely.  The new girly, an Iplehouse SID Cherie, is just beautiful.  Fishcake got the head form Nanyalin and the body from Jo1961, and I guess she tipped the scales at Fishcake's, so she passed her to me.  She's a smaller bust than the other SID girl and I kept thinking, something's wrong here...AHA!  she's the only SD size range girl I have who isn't wamdigious in the bust line. O_o  Well, at least not overly so.  I hope Nanyalin doesn't mind my softening up the eye make up a bit, because I love how it's done, but my character just needs a bit more lighter eye shadow, and the corner lines on her mouth redone to make her less frowny. I think the Iple girls are all sort of frowny or at least a bit too smug from the mold out.  I can't get over how lovely she is, the face up is gorgeous and the eyes Fishcake sent her with are marvelous, and she's just perfect for the character of Karin from Tiger&Bunny.  Another wondful thing; the wig I bought for the character when I got the other head last October, is the same exact color as the eyebrows Nanyalin did for her.  I had to just sit down for a while and stare at her in awe.  I think this is the first time I've ever got a pressie that was just so perfect in every possible way.

And of course, I have nothing for her to wear! O_o  So she's not happy. Not happy at all. *snickers* Hubby calls this the "I was a teenaged cave girl" look.


So the Only Doll blank head I have will now go for another character when I ever have time to get it to match the caramel colored SID large bust body that I lowered the neck base on.  I tried test dying the head cap according to tutorials, and yeah, not pretty.  It looks like a hard boiled egg yolk after it's been in the fridge over night.  Thank goodness a wig will always cover the cap. O_o;;

Tama has been helping me a lot lately.  (Too much.)

So, Wednesday we see if the Time-Warner Cable thing works and then it's shutting off T-mobile.  I had to try about 4 times to get online a few minutes ago.  *eyeroll*  I'm not sure how that will work out, but fingers crossed that when the dust settles, I will have internet still, for a hell of a lot less.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Skip Earthlink, O_O Ending up Going Straight to Time Warner.

I spend almost 2 hours total on the phone Friday afternoon trying to get through the red tape at Earthlink, AFTER I had called them 3 times before with questions and had notes and all the money work written down and at the end, they tried to charge me another 100 to set up the cable! O_o  So I broke down a little and said screw this, screw you and I'm outta here.  The thing is, Time Warner and Comcast (to hell with them!) service the Earthlink hook up in our area.  T-W was only supposed to be less than 40 a month, while Comcast charges 50 plus a month for the SAME Earthlink service.  I was losing my mind dealing with those people.  So I thought, Okay, Monday, I'm calling T-W directly.  That morning, I told them what had gone on with Earthlink's people, and they pointed out that basic internet cable from them directly is now 15$ a month and 5$ for the modem rental.  O_O  OKaaaaay, interesting.  I was informed that the Earthlink people have some issues about stretching the truth about pricing.  We had to go on errands, and I said let me call you back later.  Aggressively, they called me back that evening a little after 7 pm.  The lady I spoke to was back tracking on the BS Earthlink had given me verses the person Earthlink had switched me to to set up the  T-W installation.  She was concerned over the attempt to get my social security number and the insistance on paying the cable guy cash.  She said, with the 15$ package we'll wave the install fee, and you only have to pay the deposit, and the first month, and they were sorry for all the 'stuff' Earthlink had given me.  I said, it's late, I'm tired, I'm dealing with five things at once, I'll call back in the morning, but that sounds great.  So, I call back this morning (during business hours, remember those?  9 - 5? Yeah I thought myth, right?)  And I get yet another tacked on charge.  *eye roll*  But I held my ground, and got it un-tacked surprisingly easily by simply being calm, polite, and repeating why I was told otherwise?

I had to put a cut link on this, it's so complicated!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Shoe Boxes, Gift Boxes and Bags to Print Out and Make

I've seen these things off and on in the fashion doll side of reality, and decided to look them up for organizing my doll's accessories and stuff in.  You print out a gift or a shoe box (with a separate lid) on card stock and assemble it and there you are.  Suddenly your dolly has stacks of shoe boxes you can label from famous companies. Well, it's that time of year when such things come in extra handy, for small gifts, Christmas tree decorations, etc.  Personally I was always dismayed as a kid when the little gift boxes decorating the tree had nothing in them, so throw in a wrapped candy or something for inquisitive brats like I was.  Label 24 of them with different things in them and make the whole tree an advent calendar.  Don't be a total bore and just put empty pretty boxes up. Rant over, sorry about that, these flashbacks...*shudders*.

I found Crafty Ferret has a nice variety of boxes.  They have free templates that you can over print on patterns already in your computer, or on paper you buy for scrap booking.  Pretty cool, no? Check out the rest of the blog and site for other neat ideas.

Image Property of Crafty Ferret
I'm going to try using this template to organize my dolls' stuff, and my sewing room shelves with a larger version.  My dolls don't have many floating heads; rather, 'floating personalities', depending on who they are for the outfit.  So I'll put the eyes, wig, outfits and accessories for say, Ceil Phantomhive in one box, and  for Nigihayami Kohakunushi  in another.  

Friday, November 21, 2014

Trying to Ditch T-Mobile But They Wont Take We're Broke for an Answer.

EDIT!:  Thank you so much, Fishcake and Aernath!  Your orders have cleared our books with T-mobile and allowed us to come up with the extra un-mentioned until last darned minute deposit fee for Earthlink (the rats!)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Commission: Elfdoll Girl Military Uniform for Y.H.Lee

This is an original character design outfit by Y.H.Lee, with the commissioned art created for her by Stephanie Folse on Deviant Art. 
Order is for December 2014, 4 weeks completion, paid in full with shipping.

This is going to be AWESOME!  The only thing I'm going to have any difficulty with is finding the little bar clip things for the jacket closures.  There has got to be something out there I can use.
S. Folse, Artist

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Commission: EID SH Sephiroth Coat for GH. Alterations.

This post is back up for Alterations.  Further info under the cut. ^_^

Final Fantasy major bad guy Sephiroth.  His coat under all that shoulder armor is pretty simple.  The cross straps on his chest are actually his suspenders to his pants, I believe.  Let's face it, with a sword that big, you can dress anyway you want.  GH's EID SH makes a major sweet Sephiroth, too.  I need to look in to that Worbla stuff for making armor.

Deposit paid, final balance when customer is ready.  This will be made up in cotton with a lining and seven little belted buckles.
Swiped from Wikipedia

Friday, November 14, 2014

Flu Shots!

Let me state first of all, that I HATE getting stuck with needles.  It DOES hurt.  I don't care what anyone says.  I breath deep, I relax, it hurts.  When they draw blood for all the tests, it feels like torture.  NO I'm not immune to it because of sewing for a living, I'm over sensitive to it!  YES I am a big baby!

So, today we get flu shots.  I never went for the things before, because I didn't think I needed them.  Now because I can't afford to be ill, not be able to care for hubby and all that, I'm going for it for both of us.  So I asked the guy at the pharmacy, why did everyone I know at the college who got their (obligatory for teachers!) flu shots always get sick anyway?

1. It takes 2 to 3 weeks for the body to use that shot to build a barricade against the infection, depending on your body chemistry.

2. You might have already been exposed.  Hence, if you have a fever, no shot, pointless, your body will just reject it.  So if you have a fever and they 'shoot' you anyway, expect it to be a fail, and don't let anyone give you a shot without testing you for a fever first. 

3.  Some people just get a mild reaction to the shot's germs that is no where near as bad as they would have if they had not had the shot, hence they wouldn't have had a reaction to the shot. O_o  So yeah, if you get the shot...and still get a bit sick for a day or would have freaking turned into a brain sucking zombie otherwise.

4. One shot does not cover ALL the flu variations.  *head desks*

So shots today.  *wince*

I hope I don't get sick anyway.  I'm a whimp.  But if we're going to be going to doctor's offices and PT, we need those shots. *whimper*

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Well, I've Really Done it Now! >.<;;

I just realized at 9 pm that when I addressed GH's Sephiroth coat package, I completely neglected to put the apartment number.  I had photographed the package with my cell phone before taking it to the post office, was checking my Paypal account---and realized something.  Her address had five lines (including United States) and I was like.....erm.....OMG!  No "Apartment xxx" on line three!  Because I'm no longer trusting Paypal's shipping label set up after what happened to me a few weeks ago, I go to the post office and use their machine to print a postage sticker, and was in a hurry and hand wrote the address on the package.  I even took my phone (the paypal email) with me so that the P.O. couldn't give me the old "this address doesn't exist" routine I've gone through far too many times.  *head desk*

If the post person who delivers GH's mail doesn't make a habit of sorting things by name and knows their route, the package should come right back to me as undelivered.  >.<;;  Then I can correct it, buy another postage (sucks boo!) and ship it right back to GH.

I'm just so damned mad at myself right now!  Haste definitely makes waste.  I can only hope that nothing happens to that package!

From now on, I'm having the hubby double check the address, and mailing in the morning of the next day, rather than running out the door at the last possible minute just to catch the last shipment of the day! >.<;; 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Pinterest is a Pain but Worth it, And Other Rambling.

I just spent a totally un-necessary half hour fighting with Pinterest (and possibly Google) to get into my account.  Apparently if you don't sign in, the blasted thing puts up a half grey screen telling you to sell your soul get an account or sign in to see more. What ever.  The real reason I wanted so badly to get back in is that Petit Main Sauvage in her recent post has put up photos of her visit to the Geementemuseum for an exhibit of gorgeous period clothing from the 1825 to 1920s period.  Well worth the fight with Pinterest.

Petit Main Sauvage is an excellent (and professional) stitcher and patterner, well worth following if you are looking for tips on construction and patterning.

So we're finally 'settling in' rather than just 'living with it' and in trying for organization like this, which I don't think I'll ever achieve:

I found this on Pinterest after searching 'sewing studio'.
Seems like it's from Apartment Therapy, too. 

I discovered that as an 'interior decorating' tool, PowerPoint is a wonderful thing!  Just toss up some color coded shapes and adjust for the square footage and there you are, a program to rearrange your rooms with out the two frustrated friends, pizza and beer.

I wanted to figure out how to move things around in what little room we have in the living room without the time suck of just stripping the room and putting it all back in.  I wanted to be scientific about it. The round orange thing on the grey rectangle is our remaining table (drop leaf with wheels) and the carpet under it.  Now I have my little home office/studio cockpit with almost everything in reach, and the light from the side window over my shoulder, rather than in my face.  Like any good 'cubicle' it allows me to have a 'separate' space in which to focus on my work, go to work, and still be part of the overall home environment.  It also seems to have created a setting where hubby waits for me to finish what I'm doing, rather than just treating me like a duty nurse (which amuses him, but I'm so not wearing the costume...) Things are still crowded, but the situation is under control and improving.

Even if it never will look at neat as any of the photos on Pinterest.