Monday, October 13, 2014

Ink! Gotta Love it!

No I don't mean tattoos, though at some point, I need to learn how to do that, because I've seen some gorgeous work done on dolls.  I mean the *insert your favorite cuss word* tendency of printers to tell you "I can't do that, Dave."  SRSLY?   I OWN you, not you, ME!

I ran out of ink.  I'm broke.  I have three perfectly good legit cartridges and a bottle of ink.  Printer is being horrid about it.  Refusing to accept the cartridge and reset ink levels.  My particular cart does not allow for resetting the cart's chip.  Printer makes like it's printing, but out comes a blank page.  For 2 weeks in too tried to sleep time, I searched all over the nets, did the cleaning thing (depleting my color cart!) did the three cartridge thing, the tape over sensor thing, the clean the cartridge thing, the unplug it thing, I've even *GASP* taken my printer apart a few times (Door not Open notice problem solved back in December) trying to find that so called battery to unplug.

On the dry back street of the internet, something like page 98 of the google search, I found the answer!  H*P*and all its variations and possibly a few more printers, etc.  You don't need a patch someone has made up, all you need to do is to tell it to STFU! and stop talking to your computer.

Disable. Bi-directional. Support.

You are now in total control.  This enabled thing is the default setting of printers when you install them.  Just go into the control panel, printer, printer properties (not just 'properties' it's under 'printer properties') scroll down to the bottom of the frame and you will see a check box for bi-directional support.  I'd put the image here, but I don't want a certain company to fry me.  Or for that matter, route around it or something.

Fill up your ink cart, make sure it's not out of date, because that stupid chip has a date line on it; most new carts are good for a few years so don't worry, and plug it back in.  Follow your normal cart cleaning/lining up routine if you need it and just ignore the "OMG fail!" popups you get, and print anyway. Pin-pon! Success! And I found out if you turn it on, let it warm up a bit, you might have a few mis-prints before it starts printing beautifully again.  That's happened to me twice today, but after that it prints like nothing's wrong again.

So happy, because Mr. Ink Jet has 4 ounce bottles and shipping for the price of one cart and I know that last bottle lasted me FOUR years and two printers.

This is awesome because while I wouldn't mind a continuous ink supply set up, (my dorky nerd idea of heaven) they are expensive and probably very messy.  I'd rather just have the 16 bucks worth of ink than the $100 kit, you know?  The only thing left is the problem with the expiration chip in some brands of cart, but if you start with a legit company cartridge, by the time that happens, you'll probably need a new one anyway, because of the wear and tear.

Edit: a friend of mine told me this is the computer equivalent of: "Get in the kitchen and print me a sammich, Peripheral!" Nerds....

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