Friday, October 10, 2014

GRRRR!!!! Doctors!

My thyroid biopsy was today.  They 'allowed me' this 'once' to see the doctor in the local office, but they are tripple booked for the next month and I would have had to make another 50 mile round trip again to be seen next month.
ALL the doctor would spare breath to tell me is that he can almost guarantee it is not cancer, but Hashimoto's.  Buh-by.  Make an appointment for next month in St. Bernardine's.  No explanations  no time to sit and discus what my treatment is going to be, and oddly, despite the swelling and nodes, no talk of surgery.  They were going to "just leave it".  My immune system is trying to kill what's left of my thyroid gland and that's IT?!

Gee.  Thanks.

I went home and called the insurance and started working on getting to an Endocrinologist who accepts IEHP Direct and is definitely LOCAL.  Now to get my passive aggressive G.P. to let me have the expedited referral so I can see the new one next Thursday and see about getting this lumpy swollen thing out all together. My throat feels like someone tried to kill me and the nurse left more bruises than the doctor who did the biopsy did.  I was literally choking while she applied pressure to stop the bleeding after ward.

I supposed if I were a "good patient" I would just accept what ever the doctor told me and be all happy to be getting anything done, but you know what?  Insert foul language here.  It's MY life.  I have to get my life together to take care of my husband.  I can't do anything if I'm dead tired and run down from something that can be EASILY treated with the proper medication just like diabetes or high blood pressure, and a small operation I've already had the half of.  


  1. Hey, if it is Hashimoto's, don't worry! All you need is to take the right amount of thyroid hormones and it will be fine again. Absolutely no need for surgery. I've been having it for years, once the dosis is right usually all will be back to normal, or almost normal. Hang in there! (You made these gorgeous pants for my Idealian, in case you wonder who I am! LOL)

    1. Thank you for the encouragement. Only the latest doctor is saying it's NOT Hashimotos, despite my missing left lobe and the nodes. *eye roll*
      So now it's back to square one and treating the symptoms. My plan is to exercise, which results in a flare up of the immune attack, and go to an urgent care where they will treat me, and then do it again and again, until my G.P. gets a clue. I will then demand she order the T3 and T4 tests, which this recent doc didn't even look at. I'm not sure but I don't think we have a lot of doctors over here who can deal with this problem.
      I remembered your name as soon as I saw it, LOL! How is he doing with his wardrobe?


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