Saturday, October 25, 2014

Going Visiting!

Toshiaki (Raurencio Studio's Vincent on a Dragon Doll Uncle body)
 Jiji (Dragon Doll  Xizi ) and Sakuranbo (Doll Love Lina). 
A few of my dolls are going visiting this coming week.  I normally take some hand sewing with me, but little gets done because I'm chief wheel chair pusher for when hubby is getting his walking boot camp. But Dr. Jocelyn has seen a few things in passing and yesterday, she said, "Bring your dolls, I want to see them!" So I'm putting Jiji, Toshi, and Sakuranbo, who's been in Alice mode nearly a year now, along with floating head Anthea in a baggie and bubble wrap, in my rolling back pack and taking them off to PT next Tuesday.  And I made sure that not only is Jiji in jeans for obvious reasons, Sakaranbo, AKA Cherry-boo has little matching shorts on.  We will have no panty checks.  (And Toshi's junk is in a bag in a box somewhere...) (okay I LOST his junk.  Serves them right for making it changeable  >.>;; )

This outing involves at least 3 total non-doll people meeting part of my gang.  I'm nervous.  Plus, I think it would be interesting for someone who has a doctorate in how the human body moves, both muscle and neural, to have a look at ball joint dolls.  Unless she chickens out over 'creepy dolls'! LOL!  I chose this trio for the difference in size, and they all pose very well without arguing with me, unlike some dolls I can mention. (Kyou has the whole self defense thing down quite well.  He will beat the heck out of you for trying to get him to do anything.)

After our photo session, which went quite well with the natural lighting in the bedroom, Tama who had been trying to photo bomb again, got his time on the table.  The moment I took the camera off the tripod and he realized no more photo taking was going to happen, he went right back to his favorite place.

"This table is MINE now."


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    1. That was the 'nice' pose. You should have seen the ones I rejected. I did turn him around, but he posed himself after that.


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