Saturday, October 4, 2014

Another Heat Wave

So, today I've turned in all my files for another tutorial on BJD Collectasy.  I'm pretty proud of this little trick of making something, so you have to go see how to do it and try it if you sew for yourself.  No actual brides were harmed in the making of this tutorial.  But when I finally went to my computer to look at the photos I had taken Thursday, I realized the whole series SUCKED.  We just had the solstice change, which means, ta-daa! the sun is now on the other side of the building.  I get super bright light in my living room from cross aligned windows now and was using flash.  >.<;;  Today, I found the perfect time of day for photo taking, and redid the whole project to re-shoot.  The photos look very crisp and I had a lot less work because I didn't need the flash or constant fussing with the lights or the shadows.

It's been nice, but the sample of this thing called 'Fall' that everyone speaks of is over.  Now we're back to 'Summer' with 103 degree heat today, and more of the same projected for Sunday.  I have to get things done in the early morning before the heat drags me down by the thyroid.  The hubby had minor surgery this week for 3 lipomas on his thighs, so I've been thrown a bit off by all the hurry up and get this and do that, and find the files and retake the EKG and so forth, and getting up at 4 am to get to the hospital for the actual surgery, but it's over. One thing I have learned.  Doctor time is not quite Mechanic time, but it's close.  1 hour actually equals 3.  So if they say be there at x time, you get there and then wait 3 hours.  No matter WHAT.  Mechanic time is more like, "it will be done today".  "Today" being their word for a series of days adding up to a fortnight.  Repair men are in there somewhere, with Today being Next Tuesday-ish. The Hubby's "in a minute" is basically Five and his "Now" is 20 minutes later.  

It's probably because of his previous job, but lipomas can form when you get a good deep muscle tissue whack and then later, when you've forgotten all about the ouch and the bruising, the body reacts to the damage by padding it up with fat that turns into a real lump; usually in a sensitive area like an inner thigh or rib, but in researching, I've seen a lot on people's shoulders and backs.  It's just a human weirdness.  Oysters do it much better. We make fat lumps, they make pearls. The problem is, these things were like small, barely noticeable for years before the stroke; negligent, cosmetic type stuff. After the stroke, one grew like crazy, the other one got smaller then started to grow again and another one turned up until everyone was noticing them and asking 'what's this?'.  So yeah, biopsy time.  Lucky for him they were only subcutaneous and not deep in the muscle.  One got about 7 cm by 5 by the time they took it out yesterday.  And staples everywhere.  I guess some people can't sew. (Innocent Look).  I'm still waiting on my thyroid but I hope I can have it done at the same hospital.  They have a super crew at Montclair Hospital.

As it stands, I'm just about to finish up the machine top stitching on the Into Darkness set for Monkey G, and the Hanbok project slipped a little due to being over tired again, but the hand hemming on the purple skirt is finished. Then I have Cadmuss22's order and Aernath's Heian era princess, which is very fun.  But it's getting a bit scary this month.  The car problem taking more than we thought, and my lagging because of everything has meant not knowing what we're going to do for November.  I can only hope for November and December orders.  The hubby is getting more 'independent' around the house, so I can probably leave him alone for a part time job, but we still have so many appointments to work around and I'm not so sure that the recent news of how great the job market is is actually applicable here in Southern California.  It's --- getting scary.  Frankly, I'm not sure I'll be able to pay for my phone/internet bill next month.  But something has always come up before. So we'll see.  I need work.  >.<;;  

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