Saturday, September 27, 2014

Progress, It Does Happen

I know darned well I updated the Into Darkness Khan outfit a few weeks ago with the progress, but it's disappeared!  I think I hit the save button and something didn't go up.  Sometimes I get that 'your post has not been saved' thing across the top of the screen.  So I'm up to that collar.  And then it's to the finish line this coming week. ^_^

I'm very happy with the Hanbok progress.  All of a sudden, it's taking shape, and so CUTE.  Psychology, it's a weird thing, isn't it?  No photos just yet, but there will be soon. I have to do that white strip around the collar and it's a tricky bit of work.

We're getting a small rest from heat wave, but then according to the weather channel, it's going back up to the hundreds again too very soon.  I suppose it's more sensible to just refer to awful heat as the norm now and enjoy the 'cool waves'.  So far, we haven't had water rationing in our area, but they did come around again and check all the flats for leaks and so forth.  And caught me with my hose hooked up to the adapter on the sink tap, watering my potted plants.  I worry for the people with vegetable gardens they actually depend on.  A lot of the local families do have serious gardens, and even chickens as a matter of sensible course, with the living 'local/organic' thing that started ten years ago. The news reported yet again about a homeowner who was double slammed.  Neighborhood Association fining him for letting his lawn die, and the city threatening him over using water.  Around here, people with money just put in rocks and cactus, or pave in pretty patterns and let it go, but we live in an apartment complex and they are kind of constrained by convention to have lawns or look tacky as hell.  I just want to have my back patio/garden done up in time for spring and photos of my dolls.

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