Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pitney Bowes Shipping Label Printing Issues

Apparently the Pitney-Bowes online label service is screwed up and has been almost all year now. O_o  I spend hours this morning with different browsers and losing what is left of my mind trying to print a shipping label, when I'd have been back from the post office by now.  This is what I get for trying to save money and get things done neatly.

I had to finally call Paypal and spend half an hour on the phone with them before the guy told me they would 'credit' my paypal account with the money, and process the refund for the amount etc blah blah blah. Now I don't know if I should cancel the label or wtf, but I'll know in a day or two if the refund has been processed. As long as I get it in time to pay the phone bill, I'll be sane.

But for anyone buying labels online from USPS, Paypal or Ebay, or any other service that uses Pitney Bowes, ouch.  I updated Java (probably opening my computer to more attacks) and tried Chrome, Firefox, good old out of date Opera and finally eugh, IE.  Nothing worked.  My printer printed from Word, and a coupon from Micheals came out fine, but not the pitney bowes system.  It's not my printer.

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