Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just Everything. O_o

Paypal was absolutely kind enough to quickly refund the money lost when purchasing shipping through them didn't work.  I'm amazed.  They not only refunded the money into the paypal account, they put it right back into the bank.  People say a lot of stuff about Paypal, but if you just work with them, they will work with you.

Social Security is now trying to say that we didn't need the money in February and wanting us to pay it back.  That was one of the devastating things that hit last week.  We went down and filled out more paper work asking for a waiver, but when I went home and calmed down, I did some thinking and the money they said we 'claimed' that they used to say we owed was all gone Jan 1 when we paid the rent on our old, and more expensive flat.  So when we applied Jan 13, the first day we could have Hubby go down in person with all his papers, we were facing the street February 1.  So yeah, another battle with the powers that be; but by now, I'm too numb from their bullshit to care.  

Yesterday for the appointment, we drove 25 miles out and back to San Bernardino, proud city of bankruptcy,  in the 100 degree heat and spent 15 minutes with the endocrinologist at the lovely Saint Bernardine's.  The original front is very old fashioned classical colonial/mission splendor (plaster) and then the 'real front' is all wall of glass and omg modern inside.  The main lobby has this huge wall of glass fountain that we didn't see until we were leaving and stopped to use the facilities, and it was so gorgeous, but with a Blackberry phone, so not worth trying to photograph.  Place has an absolutely shitty reputation but it was no where as bad as Pomona Valley which is one of those old fashioned 'you only go there to die' hospitals, because if you're not terminal already you will be when you 'leave'.

So either it's Hashimotos, or Cancer.  O_o I have a biopsy Oct 10th.  No medication at this point again.  They don't want to mess things up, because my last blood work, out of date because of all the cancellations shows me being 'okay', while the previous shows me being 'omg'.  I'm betting it's Hashimotos because every time they do blood work on me when I'm really sick, my white blood cells are out of control, they THINK it's cancer and it turns out never to be, and they always put me on MASSIVE anti-biotics. Plus, I have always gotten sick up and down the inside of my right throat side. Never the left.  Absolutely possibly Hashimotos with the immune system attacking the thyroid. 

The thing is, I absolutely know that I'm going to have to have an operation.  He wouldn't say, but it's a mess, you can see what a mess it is in my last post.  What else can they do?  

So yeah, months more of being over tired, having to learn to live around it and so forth, but a lot of the answers have helped me cope mentally, adjust my thinking about how my physical condition is affecting my decision making, and plan a sort of scheduled to get things done; as well as convinced the hubby that I'm not just pushing myself too hard, reacting badly to his condition (not blaming him and being passive aggressive) and so forth.  We have reached the point where like it or not, life goes on.  He's going to his PT, they've hired an O.T. (occupational for his arm and jaw) and he's doing well, if he can gain any muscle weight. He's down five more pounds.  We need to work on getting his anti-cholesterol med reduced or something.  

Anyway, that's that.  

Back to sewing.  I haven't been able to get more than patterning done this week and we're in for 104 to 106 weather the next five days, with more appointments to go out in.  I've put water in 2 liter jug and put 4 of them into freeze for the refrigerator when the inevitable electricity fail happens.  So I'll do my best, and that's all I can do.  

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  1. That what my friend Jael says..all you can do is all you can do! Keep cool!


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