Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Not that it makes much difference here in California.  But we are having cooler nights, which really helps.

I'm taking orders for November and December, 4 openings each month.  I will take orders based on being able to complete them in a timely manner and by then will be caught up completely with all my orders thrown off course by the Hubby's stroke, and adjusting my sewing times for caring for him as well as dealing with the hypothyroid and pending surgery on that.  Usually thyroid surgery is an overnight thing and people can go right back to work after a few days with a scarf around their neck so yeah, not counting on that being much of a muchness.

So, Happy Fall.  I wish I could go back home to see the colors change along the Mohawk Trail and the Hudson River Valley.  I wish I could just be there and smell the air and feel the chill in the wind, and put my hand in the streams and icy lakes of my childhood, instead of in this crappy arse desert with the news that the rich have to cart in their own water (well pay someone else to cart it for them, that is) and eat off paper plates and send their laundry out because California has cut off their water supply.

But then the first snow fall, I'd be outta there!

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