Saturday, September 27, 2014

Progress, It Does Happen

I know darned well I updated the Into Darkness Khan outfit a few weeks ago with the progress, but it's disappeared!  I think I hit the save button and something didn't go up.  Sometimes I get that 'your post has not been saved' thing across the top of the screen.  So I'm up to that collar.  And then it's to the finish line this coming week. ^_^

I'm very happy with the Hanbok progress.  All of a sudden, it's taking shape, and so CUTE.  Psychology, it's a weird thing, isn't it?  No photos just yet, but there will be soon. I have to do that white strip around the collar and it's a tricky bit of work.

We're getting a small rest from heat wave, but then according to the weather channel, it's going back up to the hundreds again too very soon.  I suppose it's more sensible to just refer to awful heat as the norm now and enjoy the 'cool waves'.  So far, we haven't had water rationing in our area, but they did come around again and check all the flats for leaks and so forth.  And caught me with my hose hooked up to the adapter on the sink tap, watering my potted plants.  I worry for the people with vegetable gardens they actually depend on.  A lot of the local families do have serious gardens, and even chickens as a matter of sensible course, with the living 'local/organic' thing that started ten years ago. The news reported yet again about a homeowner who was double slammed.  Neighborhood Association fining him for letting his lawn die, and the city threatening him over using water.  Around here, people with money just put in rocks and cactus, or pave in pretty patterns and let it go, but we live in an apartment complex and they are kind of constrained by convention to have lawns or look tacky as hell.  I just want to have my back patio/garden done up in time for spring and photos of my dolls.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Commission: Cadmuss22, a sort of Renaissance Jacket

Cadmuss22 had some changes to her project, and we held off for a while so she could settle her thoughts on the order, so this is technically an existing project with design changes and fabric changes.  This order was paid for in full on Etsy in July and is now slated for finish in October.

We're finalized for a Late Medieval/Early Renaissance type jacket, with layers of color changing, and an over all knight's garment effect.  Here is her sketch of the jacket.  I need to assess the amounts of fabric needed and work out the pattern and then it should go right together.  She's a good artist for fashion.  No-talent me is envious, LOL!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Not that it makes much difference here in California.  But we are having cooler nights, which really helps.

I'm taking orders for November and December, 4 openings each month.  I will take orders based on being able to complete them in a timely manner and by then will be caught up completely with all my orders thrown off course by the Hubby's stroke, and adjusting my sewing times for caring for him as well as dealing with the hypothyroid and pending surgery on that.  Usually thyroid surgery is an overnight thing and people can go right back to work after a few days with a scarf around their neck so yeah, not counting on that being much of a muchness.

So, Happy Fall.  I wish I could go back home to see the colors change along the Mohawk Trail and the Hudson River Valley.  I wish I could just be there and smell the air and feel the chill in the wind, and put my hand in the streams and icy lakes of my childhood, instead of in this crappy arse desert with the news that the rich have to cart in their own water (well pay someone else to cart it for them, that is) and eat off paper plates and send their laundry out because California has cut off their water supply.

But then the first snow fall, I'd be outta there!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Just Everything. O_o

Paypal was absolutely kind enough to quickly refund the money lost when purchasing shipping through them didn't work.  I'm amazed.  They not only refunded the money into the paypal account, they put it right back into the bank.  People say a lot of stuff about Paypal, but if you just work with them, they will work with you.

Social Security is now trying to say that we didn't need the money in February and wanting us to pay it back.  That was one of the devastating things that hit last week.  We went down and filled out more paper work asking for a waiver, but when I went home and calmed down, I did some thinking and the money they said we 'claimed' that they used to say we owed was all gone Jan 1 when we paid the rent on our old, and more expensive flat.  So when we applied Jan 13, the first day we could have Hubby go down in person with all his papers, we were facing the street February 1.  So yeah, another battle with the powers that be; but by now, I'm too numb from their bullshit to care.  

Yesterday for the appointment, we drove 25 miles out and back to San Bernardino, proud city of bankruptcy,  in the 100 degree heat and spent 15 minutes with the endocrinologist at the lovely Saint Bernardine's.  The original front is very old fashioned classical colonial/mission splendor (plaster) and then the 'real front' is all wall of glass and omg modern inside.  The main lobby has this huge wall of glass fountain that we didn't see until we were leaving and stopped to use the facilities, and it was so gorgeous, but with a Blackberry phone, so not worth trying to photograph.  Place has an absolutely shitty reputation but it was no where as bad as Pomona Valley which is one of those old fashioned 'you only go there to die' hospitals, because if you're not terminal already you will be when you 'leave'.

So either it's Hashimotos, or Cancer.  O_o I have a biopsy Oct 10th.  No medication at this point again.  They don't want to mess things up, because my last blood work, out of date because of all the cancellations shows me being 'okay', while the previous shows me being 'omg'.  I'm betting it's Hashimotos because every time they do blood work on me when I'm really sick, my white blood cells are out of control, they THINK it's cancer and it turns out never to be, and they always put me on MASSIVE anti-biotics. Plus, I have always gotten sick up and down the inside of my right throat side. Never the left.  Absolutely possibly Hashimotos with the immune system attacking the thyroid. 

The thing is, I absolutely know that I'm going to have to have an operation.  He wouldn't say, but it's a mess, you can see what a mess it is in my last post.  What else can they do?  

So yeah, months more of being over tired, having to learn to live around it and so forth, but a lot of the answers have helped me cope mentally, adjust my thinking about how my physical condition is affecting my decision making, and plan a sort of scheduled to get things done; as well as convinced the hubby that I'm not just pushing myself too hard, reacting badly to his condition (not blaming him and being passive aggressive) and so forth.  We have reached the point where like it or not, life goes on.  He's going to his PT, they've hired an O.T. (occupational for his arm and jaw) and he's doing well, if he can gain any muscle weight. He's down five more pounds.  We need to work on getting his anti-cholesterol med reduced or something.  

Anyway, that's that.  

Back to sewing.  I haven't been able to get more than patterning done this week and we're in for 104 to 106 weather the next five days, with more appointments to go out in.  I've put water in 2 liter jug and put 4 of them into freeze for the refrigerator when the inevitable electricity fail happens.  So I'll do my best, and that's all I can do.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pitney Bowes Shipping Label Printing Issues

Apparently the Pitney-Bowes online label service is screwed up and has been almost all year now. O_o  I spend hours this morning with different browsers and losing what is left of my mind trying to print a shipping label, when I'd have been back from the post office by now.  This is what I get for trying to save money and get things done neatly.

I had to finally call Paypal and spend half an hour on the phone with them before the guy told me they would 'credit' my paypal account with the money, and process the refund for the amount etc blah blah blah. Now I don't know if I should cancel the label or wtf, but I'll know in a day or two if the refund has been processed. As long as I get it in time to pay the phone bill, I'll be sane.

But for anyone buying labels online from USPS, Paypal or Ebay, or any other service that uses Pitney Bowes, ouch.  I updated Java (probably opening my computer to more attacks) and tried Chrome, Firefox, good old out of date Opera and finally eugh, IE.  Nothing worked.  My printer printed from Word, and a coupon from Micheals came out fine, but not the pitney bowes system.  It's not my printer.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

TMI? Maybe.

Okay so yesterday, total mess.  I had to run in four different directions and one of them being my thyroid sonogram appointment I could NOT miss yet again.  Locked the keys in the garage after putting the car back in and snapping on the padlock (thank goodness that WAS where they were, on the seat, or we would have had to pay $150 to replace the mail box key >.<;; ) and had to wait hours to get the padlock ( a very damned good one!) cut off just in time to go to my own appointment for the thyroid.  This was not a happy day all around.  Every time I'm that close to getting back to 'normal' and on track and on schedule  things like this happen.  The hypothyroid makes me feel absolutely stupid and and so embarrassed by all the stupid mistakes I would not have normally made.  I mean, imagine thinking everything is alright and going well, only to find out that you've totally f-d up without realizing it at the time.  Filled up the sugar container with dish soap, put the baby in the washing machine type stuff.  (no babies were harmed in the making of this example).

Anyway, the end is in sight.  But I'm sort of scared crap-less right now.  They say you shouldn't look in the medical stuff online because half the time you'll end up having cancer, pregnant or crazy.  I always get a disk of what ever they do, because if you have all your records, things go smoother with doctor visits, and the disks from things like sonograms have the program to open them in them.  Though they do hide things when they give you one. I waited half an hour for mine while they scrubbed it of incriminating notes.

THIS is sort of what's got me worried.  I've removed my personal info in paint shop, and you can see the full size in another window but otherwise this is one of the scary things on the scan disk.  The tech marked out this, which is mostly the whole of my right side. Not the left side.  So it wasn't just "here the thing is", no this is specifically something.  O_o  In the cross the whole throat photos, my right is like twice the size of my left and while it doesn't show from the outside, it feels like someone is constantly pressing their fingers into my throat, especially when my heart rate is up from stress.  Any doctors out there with an off the cuff thought on this?

 And with all the symptoms going on, I can't help thinking, if they take just part of the thyroid, then it's going to be working with/against any medication they give me.  So many hypothyroid patients have complained about the constant changing levels with a partially functioning/not functioning thyroid.  So maybe they would be doing me a favor if they just removed the whole thing and gave me the standard medication.  I don't want to spend the rest of my life going up and down at the mercy of having to change medication all the time with a half a thyroid messing things up intermittently, because that is exactly where I am right now, a messed up thyroid and NO medication.  And how much of a fight will getting rid of the whole thing be, given the problems I've already had with a GP doctor who thinks this is all 'early onset menopause' and 'depression'.  *eye roll*

Anyway, I have some button holes to fight with on the Norfolk Suit order and I really want to get that photographed and packed up today. I hope the sewing machine behaves.  I need new bobbins again. It takes plastic ones and they do wear out over time on the edges, and that causes a hell of a lot of problems you wouldn't think a little thing like that would.  Mostly thread tension and thread spinning off the bobbin and out of the slot in the case, and then it all goes to hell and causes what one of my floor bosses used to call a 'dead bug' that has to be cut off with an exacto knife.  And I'm sitting there using the exacto and thinking, omg, they'll be using something like this on my THROAT again.  ARGH!  Well, maybe in time for Halloween, I can be a zombie or a Frankenstein or something with all the staples on my throat, but given how long it takes to get a surgery set up, probably not in the next month, that's for certain.