Monday, August 25, 2014

------->> NOTICE <<-------!!!

Please don't panic if you don't see updates on your project posts.

Three factors are involved.

1. The heat really affects my hypothyroid and I am still not on medication.  I get very ill for no reason other than that, and it's caused by yet more added stress.  Added stress = hypothyroid symptoms worsening.  I got very ill this weekend and soldiered on with the simplest project rather than messing up the more complicated ones.  It messes with the nerves, which affects thinking, digestion, even my eyes working, and is very, very frustrating.   This only used to happen once in a while and at the time I thought it was the flu or something else; now it's happening a lot.  Apparently my thyroid is 'dying' or dead on one side.  Eugh.  Next month, I have appointments for a 'real' endocrinologist and a sonogram and all that.  Probably yet another thyroid operation. >.<;;  And it's going to take time for them to fine tune the medication I'll be on so it will make me as sick as I was with the first stuff they gave me.  Not something I'm looking forward too.

2. The heat affects our local cell phone power pole.  Heat, and rain, basically any excuse for them to make me take the battery out of my phone and put it back in and "you need to buy a  new phone".  It makes it impossible to get online or update sometimes, and then they cut me off for loading up photos.  Basically I don't know if they are all morons, or it's the NSA being paranoid.  Flip a coin.  But I have noticed that it's better on evenings when it's cool, and after rain, when everything dries up.  *squinty suspicious eyes* You'd think they'd be able to deal with that.

3. Your project may be at a point where a photo will make absolutely no sense.  Piles of pin stuck fabric, frying and threads hanging off.  This does not mean it is not being worked on.  Only that I'm too beat to make pretty and photo.  Things will get better.  See the end of reason 1.  I'm living for that medication.

Knock on wood, this week will be clearing up two projects and moving along on the complicated ones asap.  

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