Monday, August 11, 2014

I'm Getting There! ^_^

Despite the internal mess up this weekend from the thyroid issue, I managed to move forward on a lot of work.  Everything has been cut out and is being worked on.  I have stacks of pinned stuff; pin, sew, press, pin, sew.  I even managed to get my tutorial for BJDCollectasy done and sent in.  It's a double up this month to make up for missing last month.

Surfer Shorts

Next week end's tutorial will be a riff off the Japanese jimbe top, which is a sort of comfy pajama but casual outfit, very comfortable in a hot humid climate.  It normally has a feather stitch open weave type join from sleeve to shoulder but with a doll's fingers, un-unh, so it's more hanten than jimbe, but it's a neat simple top to make for beginners.

We're taking a break from Physical Therapy this week because the doctor is on vacation and our car is in the shop for the repairs.  That means more work time for me!  Thank goodness I called the Consumer bureau and got some help finding an honest shop to go to.  The first one I called after googling a Star shop (licensed for doing the California emissions law work) is not only no longer licensed to do the CAP work, but wanted $180 cash before he'd even look at the car!  I'm learning more than I ever wanted to know about how social infrastructural government works.

I finally got the doctor to break down and give me a referral to the endocrinologist, which has been sent for the insurance to approve this week, so I'm really hoping that I'll get some medication to help me cope with the thyroid issues.  The thing is most appointments are a month away, no matter what.  I swear you could be dying and they don't have an opening any sooner than next month.  This makes 5 months since my diagnosis and counting.  O_o  And it's going to be a fight to get a medication that doesn't make me even sicker.

Who knew all this time, almost all my health issues were on the list of things caused by hypothyroid. O_o  I found this site called Stop the Madness.  Yeah, all this time I've been "a hypochondriac,  'it's all in your head', you're crazy, blah blah blah" and it's actually a real health problem.  The chest pains are super scary, but oh yeah, nothing wrong with my heart! And the ticking pain in my head on really hot days, probably the nerve end damage.  And I was scared silly it was take out mexican food and a brain worm, >.>;;  At least the hubby is doing well.  It's good to see him getting around slowly but surely on the quad-walker, but he tires out very fast still.  Having him able to stand up, being able to hug him again with out all the complications of the wheel chair, means so much.

Yeah I know, TMI!

Happy Monday, I'm going back to work playing with dollies. There will be a lot of photo updates this week, I just needed to wait for my minutes to roll over with T-moble again.

P.S.  Festive Attyre has the most gorgeous and brilliant post on painting fabric!  Sometimes things just fall into place when you need them the most.

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