Monday, August 18, 2014

Garden Envy Strikes!

Being stuck without the car for much longer than expected has left me dead from the heat, sore from bike riding to get the most important stuff done no matter what in 100 degree heat, and dying for salad greens.  We have a tiny back yard that I have no time for anything more than watering the plants I saved in the move; one straggling white star jasmine and two rose bushes slowly recovering their former glory and desperately in need of re-potting and more soil.

I have attempted to pull weeds while watering. >.>;;  Hence the yellow bucket.  

The dirt back there is useless, a combination of motor oil, clay and sand.  We can thank the last evicted tenant for the motor oil, but the one before them had made a japanese rock garden that I'm attempting to re-sus.  The plan was to go all potted plants, with maybe a few dug in to make a place to photo my dolls outside.

Now it's WAR!  I want to grow veg!  I want fresh salad greens! But I have 4 X 10 feet of useless dirt.  And my trip to find a cat nip plant at the local nursery last week gave me serious garden envy.

Score!  I found a book at the library that has been devoured, ingested, and sunk into the little grey cells.  Indoor Kitchen Gardening.  Now the first step is finding sprouting seeds locally to avoid the amazon drone charges or what ever.  Every "health food store" in our area is nothing more than a pill box.  Vitamins, powdered goop and compressed bars all presented like a high end perfume counter.  Not a natural thing in sight!  I've got one last place to try calling today, IF they are open on Mondays, and then we're stuck with Amazon or nothing.  Supposedly, we can start cheaply with just sprouts and work our way up to micro-greens when we can afford the trays and dirt and so forth.  But the back yard....?

Then hubby found this!  YouTube is a wonderful thing.  So many great vids on container gardening!  But this guy is brilliant!

Not only can this method be inside as well as out, it's less apt to grow weeds, the gophers wouldn't get at them from beneath, and the possums would find it too open to be comfortable nibbling away (I hope...). The only thing that annoys me is that according to the book, Spinach doesn't like it over 85 degrees, and most of the time it's over that inside, so I can't help thinking no baby spinach, boo hoo!  Won't stop me from trying, though.

So, the plan is: get sprouting started, just something to throw on the plate for super fresh greens.  Then graduate to a flat or three of rotating micro-greens from the same seed mix.  Then get the wire shelving from Target, and set up some bottle planters in the living room window area.  Hope by next Spring to see about some larger tubs, or those hanging bag planters I've seen, on the patio for zuccini and tomatoes (the weed vegs you can not kill unless with kindness) along with some rosemary and thyme and things.  Eventually I want to get a dwarf lemon and maybe an orange.  But the idea of just having fresh picked salad from the living room window to the kitchen table is too very tempting!  And just the idea of having that fresh green growing things smell in the apartment is cheering.  Being able to garden even when it's too hot to go outside is a major plus, especially for the hubby.

In the mean time, I may just raid the cat's catnip and barly grass for an omelette. O_o

Do not buy cat nip and wheat/barley at the pet food stores.  It's usually sun starved, over watered and  pretty much a zombie for 7 bucks a plant, and dies in a few days.  The nursery usually has the same plants and seed packets for less than 3 bucks.  If you are stuck with the pet store, buy the seed kits, you'll get a longer lived plant for your money.  


  1. That's a great idea, I think you will have much pleasure of this system to grow vegetables and herbs! Nice that you're planning on a little space for doll photography :-) . (PS: while it's so hot where you live, it's dark and rainy over here, summer seems to be over!)

    1. I hope it will work. The book has a lot of good advice on proper dirt and watering. And being able to photo the dolls in the back yard will be a huge plus of living here. I just have to get the right landscape going back there. I'm hoping that planting some herbs will make it look the way I want.
      Where do you live? ^_^


    2. I live in Belgium, famous for its terrible weather :-D.

    3. But still worth being on the list to visit! My husband's family is from northern Belgium.
      Ah weather, I remember this thing called weather. Here in California the season's are not really Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, it's Mudslide, Hell, Fire, and Drought.

  2. Spinach is the only veg I have managed to grow indoors under lights, so that might be a good kitchen plant. And rosemary loves So Cal heat as long as it gets misted occasionally. (In Riverside a Safeway has rosemary for parking lot shrubs). Lavender will grow for you too!

    1. I really, really want that baby spinach. I've been thinking of clever ways to cool it off. Maybe put it across the room from the AC with the gang of resin?
      Yeah, lavender and me have issues. I got this so called dwarf lavender for a cute little garden planter pot when we first moved into the old place. It took over the back yard at the other flat and tried to come in the windows. I bought my machete for that thing. The humming birds loved it; they all grew into huge man's hand sized monsters who used to hang outside the window and screech at the cats for daring to look at them. O_o I'm thinking a normal size one this time. I want to do some faux bonsai type things for a 'forest' out there.



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