Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Car, At Last? Maybe? Today?

I called an hour and 5 minutes ago to find out if I have to cancel a Physical Therapy appointment tomorrow and the garage guy said with in the hour, he's just waiting for the Bureau of Automotive/CAP program to get back to him, and not to cancel the appointment for tomorrow.  So....ARGH I HATE WAITING!  It's passed smog, and all ready to go but he needs to hear back from the 'State'.

Hours of sewing not gotten done because of bicycling, walking uphill, paying too much for having to shop the local 'quicky marts', and being exhausted.  I might be very depressed if I didn't know that it's a natural mental state to be in under the circumstances, and that in about 3 weeks, I'll have that prescription for Hypothyroid medication that will make my life so much better.  And I found out today that the anti-depression medication, lithium, is now suspected to actually damage the thyroid and cause hypothyroid, which of course starts the endless self feeding cycle of destruction.  Wow.

So now I have to randomly wonder if they ever considered testing Robin Williams for thyroid problems, because while women are the main body of sufferers from hypothyroid, men do get it too.  And then conversation went back to the Ernest Hemingway family.  Makes you really think about how things go in the world of medications, doesn't it?

So yeah, get your thyroid checked and annually.  Another thing you have to watch is cholesterol.  I've said it before on my blog, then erased the personal posts, but if you have a family member who is loosing their memory and forgetting things, check and make sure they get some good fresh Omega 3 supplements, especially if they are on cholesterol meds for high bp.  I've seen my hubby act like someone threw the 'old man' switch on bad days and be fine an hour after an emergency whole egg omelette.  And advocadoes, salmon, all that stuff.  If your brain doesn't have enough 'grease' it can't run right.

Whoot!  they just called as I was looking for the post tags.  I'm outta here!

Edit: So very worth the trouble.  Turns out the forward catalytic converter was a heap of rust.  Apparently all the previous times the car had been fixed, they had cheated and only slapped on a new back one. Which explains the constant fumes in the cab that the other shops had always told me were just 'old car smell'.  The repair man said that the CAP program had not even approved the repair yet, explaining the delays, and was telling him yesterday that the paper work was all backlogged and they would pay him 'eventually', so I paid my share and he released the car anyway.  Thank goodness he's a good guy.  We're sticking with that shop from now on.  Yet another good thing from a bad situation.    

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