Thursday, August 14, 2014

All Current Projects Have Photo Updates

I'm dead tired, it's not been a fun day, but I got progress photos.  Looks like it's going to be another month until I get my hypothyroid sorted.  We found out today the car repair is going to cost more than the original estimate, over the CAP program allowance, and yeah, it's not pretty being in this mess.  That whole "this too shall pass" thing, nope, just not happening.  I call bullshit.

The hubby is trying to find us some pretty weird movies to watch to try to keep the stress down.  I thought Sharknado was pretty wacky, but add to that Sharktopus and Sharktopus vrs Pterracuda, and you've got total plausibility fail, LOL!   For a real strangely surreal one, try Space Milkshake; about an orbital trash collection station and time warpage, combined with raging egos and relationship issues.  Yeah, you have to just watch it, trust's hysterical, and Amanda Pays is in it so it has Sci-Fi street cred.  Gorgeous set, I wouldn't mind having my walls done up like the station's.  For Godzilla fans, a sort of rip off, but marvelous Jamaican photography, Poseidon Rex. If you think Tom Cruise acts like a tree branch, there's a coast gaurd cop in this movie that acts like he missed his own funeral.  (We borrow from a video library place we had a subscription to before the stroke.)

Here's to a saner tomorrow.

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