Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Yukata Sale Commission: EID Hero Body for G.H.

Paid in full and scheduled to ship by July 21, 2014.

One pure white, cotton yukata and obi for an Iplehouse EID male with super hero torso, using the slightly longer sleeve of the female traditional version.

Image borrowed from (and that fabric! OMG, WANT!)
Link to the how to tie a man's obi is Here. ^_^

July 11, 2014

I found a super perfect white cotton yesterday and washed and preshrunk it and it has a very nice hand to it.  I'll be getting the patterning done this weekend and finishing up next week. Photos to follow, of course. ^_^

July 18, 2014

I got caught up in things this week and just rushed ahead with out photos to a point where it looks like a yukata rather than a pile of fabric. ^_^  More than half done at this point. Side seams pinned to go on the machine. The neck piece is not on, and the strip of the yukata needs its end's finished.

If not this afternoon, tomorrow morning I will be shipping.  Double checking customer's address first. Paypal insists on using our old address even though I keep going in and deleting it, so I've learned to be extra careful. O_o 

4:19 pm. 

Ready for an anime binge and hand sewing session after the laundry, supper and dishes.  I always finish the more visible edges by hand so that they are more flexible and natural looking on the doll.  I'll put the finished photos up tomorrow morning before packing it to ship.  ^_^  None of my guys are big enough to look great in an EID size item, but I will lay it out neatly and photograph it.  My biggest guy would look like a little kid in it, LOL! 

7:40 pm.


I printed out the lable and wrapped it up to go tomorrow morning.  However, good thing I checked.  The B is missing off the customer's address in Paypal.  Might want to catch that. O_o  Paypal kept reverting to our old address for weeks after we moved and changed it.

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