Monday, July 28, 2014

Still Catching Up!

I'm trying to not post too many personal posts, but yes, I am working on everything, along with all the medical and PT appointments and having the car fixed and blah blah blah boring repetitious omg stuff that goes on.  Why is So Cal so damned hot in summer?  How can a flat built in the late 40s not have allowed for better air flow?  I just pray we don't have to deal with THE BUS.  That's more than a time suck, it's a death sentence to time and function in So Cal.  It's ONLY a catalytic converter, I will simply refuse to go anywhere until it's replaced once the car is in the shop.

End of random omg wtf-ery, but yeah, I'm determined to catch up with all the orders as soon as possible, and that means more time on the sewing machine, less online.  

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