Thursday, July 3, 2014

Hats! 1930s that is!

I just noticed on my blog follow list someone else had used the same title, that makes two days in a roll I've had to edit fast. O_o
I was just lusting after patterns on Etsy (yeah, I know...window shopping is bad for the soul, or is it good for the soul, I forgot.  But then I have a receipt here somewhere for my soul anyway.  I think. I know I paid for my Dragon Doll Zilong with it. >.>;;)  BACK to reality!  HATS!

OMG, I love Subversive Femme!  She not only has the absolute BEST knitting pattern collection, she has HAT sewing patterns!  PDF file vintage out of print/copy write HAT patterns!  Just the kind I was wishing would turn up!  And as soon as the bills are paid, I'm snagging one!  The B versions are easily adapted to 1940's type.

Subversive Femme's Etsy 3.99 USD PDF

Now I just need to get a Vogue Fedora pattern and shrink it for my 1930's yukata and haori guy vision for Toshi

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