Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Sharing Some Pretty Fabulous Blog Post Finds

First of all, OMG, I want to see this exhibit if it ever gets over here, I'm even willing to *gasp* go to Los Angeles to see it (in full daytime, safe areas only, and as alert as a cat in a rocking chair factory). You have to see the Dior Doll Exhibit  post at Fashion Doll Chronicles!

I have been plotting an SD size Dior gown myself for a year and a half now, with the idea of doing it absolutely from the Dior POV/haute couture ethic.

My do it yourself, some assembly required Dior dress kit. 
Now I'm even more inspired to actually do it!  BTW, you can nab the Met Museum's PDF book on Dior here, along with other cool fashion history publications, like the Ceaseless Century: 300 years of 18th Cent costume. O_o And almost all of the new Charles James: Beyond Fashion book is available for preview on line now, but might disappear when it goes to print, so check it out now.  All those tiny details in hand stitching, and the colors on the cover make me want to EAT IT!  (Okay so it's almost lunch time...)

I want to call your attention yet again to Special Toy Box, who makes fabulously detailed and very in scale clothing for la Momoko, who is tinier than a Barbie, mind you.  I love her her little sewing room and all the details that go into it.  Her most recent item offered is a tiny corset with incredible details.

Petit Main Sauvage has a post on escaping bridal sewing that pretty much covers it.  This post published the very day I needed peer guidance with a pending decision that I realize now would have been a very poor one on my part, even though we sort of could use the money.  I can't go through that sort of thing again, not as fragile as my grasp on sanity has been the past six months.  I still sometimes have nightmares.  I don't think I've ever met one SANE bride.  (I laughed so hard at the absurdity of the situation at my wedding, the official threatened to throw us both out of the little civil chapel.)

Jitterbug Doll cracked me up with a post on designing from the buttons up.  So, I'm not the only one who does this! LOL!  (Yes, yes, that is the reincarnation of Betty Grable.)  She writes from a sewing customer POV, and is a good source on the growing vintage clothing couture market.  I find a lot of very useful and doll-applicable information on sewing, couture and hair styling on the vintage/retro blogs.....

As well as frustrating myself with fantastic vintage knitting patterns I can't seem to get to come out right.  Even if I do live in California where acrylic gunk is the only way to survive wearing a sweater in the pathetic mockery this state makes of Winter. >.>;;  Subversive Femme has almost weekly freebie knitting patterns, and patterns for sale.

Finally, a vintage/sewing/life/photo/just everything blog that the writer is saying good-bye to. Oh Mimmi.  I'll miss her updates, (and cakes!) -_-.  I hope it stays up for a long time, because I want to read through again when I have time.  (And save cake recipes!)  (did I mention CAKE?)

And now for lunch and back to work! O_o 

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