Friday, June 6, 2014

My Den of Angels Profile Page

Up dated June 6, 2014

I had been getting some annoying attempted sales spam through the Etsy 'conversation' system, implying that it was from a member of DoA. It occurred to me that it might be a good thing to prove I am a member of DoA.

I've screen capped my profile page.

As you can see by opening the image in another window to it's full size, I'm currently in good standing, as any member can check and see, and can be found under my nickname there as well as many other dolly forums (some not so active now).

If for any reason this should change, I will change this post.  I'll update my screen cap every few months or so.  I don't know if non-members can see the DoA member profiles, I know they can't see the Feed Back pages, but here are the links for members:

My profile

My Den of Angels Feedback Thread

I do not randomly hand out invites to people I don't know.  As a small business, my reputation on Den of Angels is very important to me and I narrowly missed banning by accidentally inviting a banned member back in my enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm: curbed. Thanks to that person for their honesty in telling me that they had been banned and why, but it taught me a good lesson. 

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