Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Just A Bit of Change

What with all the constant re-organizing going on since the move, and I don't anticipate it to end before our first year anniversary in this flat, it's time again to change the blog about.  I've deleted my people sewing blog because it's pretty much only been there for links to more people sewing-y things. I've transferred the best of that blog roll over here.

We're sorting through more stuff, and my hubby will be entertaining himself, and trying to make some extra cash, with a non-doll related Etsy Shop, which we opened after he came home, but has had nothing in it since.  Now that we have a bit of time for me to show him how to work a scanner, and stuff that's either going into potentially eternal storage, or we wise up and just let go of, the shop is open with his first lesson in Etsy-fying: a book on pattern grading (technical for 'sizing').  

Tama's Place at Etsy
He'll be loading it up with stuff that I can't put on my shop because Den of Angels prefers (or once did, I can never keep up with them) that you don't have non-doll items on your signature links.  Besides, this is his project, even if it will be our stuff being flogged.

I'm clearing out paper dolls, sewing and quilting books, random things, and just--stuff--we've had that was inherited, collected, or survived child hood.  For instance, a WWI pair of binoculars in a battered pig skin case, a three part walking stick with a 'flask' in the top part, and a battenburg lace parasol in aged patina off white that would go over nicely with the steam punk crowd.  Antique car magazines with some fabulous images in them for decoupage and so forth.  Sci-fi models that were opened up at Christmas and birthdays, and checked for missing parts, then boxed up and taped up 'for later' that never got assembled.  Like a huge Millennium Falcon with little lights in it.  That's going to be a brute to ship. 

I have far too many sewing books, hoarded Threads Magazines, and some recent patterns I don't know what the heck I was thinking when I bought them. O_o  And I've lost three sizes, so---yeah.....they should go.  Basically it's an on going working class 'estate' sale; the sort of stuff you'd see in one of those little 'antique mall' shops where they have booths for dealers. And he's sort of looking forward to when he can get out and raid other yard sales for 'good stuff' later.  

I'm just living for the doctor's office tomorrow.  >.<;;

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