Saturday, June 7, 2014

Commission: Formal Hakama Set for D.V.D's Dollshe David Kunnci

   For July, a haori, kimono, hakama set for D.V.D's Dollshe David.  Partial payment made and customer sending kimono fabric.  To be completed in July 2014.
June 10th, added a further long formal kimono with hem padding and further pair of hakama to the order.

Putting clothes on a work of art.  ~_^
Thank you, Dollshe for just tossing it ALL out the window. (drools)
The customer, and artist, sent me photos and his work is amazing! the jewelry and everything was all designed by the customer for this doll.  

June 10th, 2014

Customer has ordered a vintage silk child's kimono and hakama online. I'll start looking for an icy blue silk lining fabric, I'm still not clear about the under kimono for the haori/hakama set.

June 28, 2014

The fabric arrived a day or two ago?  I'm losing bits of time right and left with all the stuff going on with the doctor and so forth.  Super bad box opening photo near a window with the blinds flapping. I tried 10 times to capture the lovely stenciled snowflakes on silk, but all I got was blurrrr.  O_o  Neat how the one sample photo sample matches the iconic "David" pose.  ^_^

July 3, 2014

This weekend (if nothing blows up, we have a home made firework cannon in our hood that someone's shooting off at nights now) I will sort the fabric out and compose my questions.  

July 31, 2014

Alright, everything is on track now, I'm breaking up the kimonos carefully for the fabrics.  The dk blue on white print starts small at the top and gets larger near the hem.  I want to break it up and see what section looks best next to one of my big boys to keep that interesting proportion of the print.  Also, the lining of this particular kimono has a really neat ombre from dk blue to white.  I have to find out if it would be okay to use that lining to finish the uchikake.  I also found out that for the haori, I can use those little crab claw jewelry clasps for the fancy tassel tie on the front.  ^_^ 

August 4, 2014

I've got the large indigo and white pine bough (fish scale) print kimono broken up for the pieces I need to make the Uchikake, and I'll separate the rest and fold it up neatly later this week.  I found out while breaking up the kimono that it's specially printed.  The print starts small at the top shoulder seams and by the hem is almost 2.5 times larger.  This presents a bit of a fun challenge.  I'll basically be remaking the kimono in a smaller size, and keeping the print as intended.  The entire kimono is hand sewn, and the visible lining is a white silk ombre dyed with the indigo to match the print.  I would like to use the lining in making the Uchikake.  What stings is having to take the doll kimono pieces out of the middle of the fabric.  Ouch.  But it's the authentic part I'm concerned with.  Still, I feel better knowing that if the owner wishes, there will be some serious nice pieces to put up for sale on Etsy or Ebay.

Sleeve/Shoulder line, you can see where the print switches direction without a seam.  
The tuck at the waist came out with out any discoloration so that's a relief.  

It looks to me as if the ombre effect was hand dipped before assembly.
A little more cutting out today, and then I'll be down to the just sewing part.  

August 14, 2014

I think my email might have been misplaced re the lining question.  So, this is where I am as of today.  The haori photos were very reflective, so it's difficult to make out detail.  I'm using the original sleeve lining for the sleeves, and the stamped snowflake as intended.  At this point, everything is half done.

The hakama are inside out at this point, so the pleats are reversed. 
August 25, 2014

I WAS going to have the finished photos up today, but as I was ironing the Haori, I found two more little and now very big in proportion to doll size stains that I'm soaking out with dish soap while I tidy up the rest of the items.  It's got to be soy sauce based, the first one I got out came right out.  I've got the sleeves to finish in the Uchikake and the kumihimo to sew the hooks on when I can fit the Haori on my closest sized guy for proportion.  If I can get everything clean, pressed and dry tonight, I want to dress up a close size doll and show off the finished outfits.  I also have to fold and pack all the extra fabric up to ship and find out what the entire thing will weigh to figure shipping cost.

Edit: haha! got it anyway!  I managed to make the two small stains a hell of a lot less noticeable.  Rather than deal with any more ironing, I decided not to dress up a doll and get into a three hour long argument with a hunk of person shaped resin with attitude.  I think the lighting in my living room is no good, flat out no good for photography.  Three lights on, 75 watts each and I had to adjust in Photoshop anyway just to get the photos not to look dim.  O_o  Remember if you click on the photos they open in another tab and are larger for detail examination.

Hakama (have to trim a bit more furz out of the french seam when I pack the stripes up.)

The yukata/under kimono and an obi. 
Haori front with Kumihimo hooked on.  

Haori back
Inside the uchikake

As it would be worn, hanging open.

Uchikake back.
The extra fabric is all folded and bagged up, the garments still need to be packed up neatly, and I want to go to the post office tomorrow (?) to find out how much everything weighs and what the shipping options are.  My scale only goes up to 3 pounds.  I think the excess fabric is more like 8? O_o  So, it will all be ready to ship as soon as the shipping options are determined and it's boxed up.

August 27, 2014

Paid in full, Shipping today.
Edit: Shipped!
I could strangle someone, the postal worker tore up my label despite my showing him the address in the paypal email with the SAME address in it, to look at the original label on the box.  GRRRR!!!!  You know what his excuse was?
"You'd be surprised how many people don't know where they live."  OMG!
Now the customer knows why I asked about their service out there. *head desk*

Srsly looking forward to photos of this doll all dress up!  ^_^

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