Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Summer Yukata Special on Etsy

Later on today when I get time, I'm going to cobble up a listing on Etsy, but for now I'll just put it up here. I need to get the gang out and dress them up for photos!  I've been thinking about a Summer sale thing, and came up with this.

Yukata and plain obi that can be tied shell style for men or bow for women, YoSD 25$, MSD and up, 35$, plus shipping and handling either USA 7$ or International $27 (yeah I know, OUCH!).  You purchase the fabric from your favorite dealer, send it to me and I will make a yukata (unlined summer kimono) and obi.  It takes me about a week or less to turn around a proper yukata, and I have basic size patterns for all sizes now except the big 80 some cm dolls (I can size them up, I just have never had the measurements to do so).  This is a 10$ reduction from my normal price for the entire Summer.

There are some wonderful Japanese fabric suppliers on Etsy, who will sell by the half yard, and cut a whole yard if you specify.  Also recommended is Spoonflower, and Superbuzzy.  Mainly cotton is preferred, but rayon/rayon blends, and faux linens as well as real are standard traditional yukata fabrics.  Normally, it's small cartoon prints and bright colors are for little kids, bright florals for older girls, darker florals for mature women, and stripes and geometric for men.  Men also wear things like card or gaming piece prints, and can go as far as something similar to a 'hawaiian shirt' print on Yukata.  Basically anything that identifies the wearer's hobby interest would be for the bolder guy not afraid to stand out.  It's really up to the 'doll'. ^_^

Some of my previous yukata hastily photographed.
Edit: The listing is now up.  ^_^ 

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