Thursday, May 1, 2014

So, it's May Already O_o

I have plans to complete backlogged work this month.  The only thing that might interfere (suck time down the drain) is that we're switching from a General Practitioner (that diet...) to an Internal Medicine doctor and already I'm a little irked.  I requested the patient record packet to fill out Monday, it should have been here by yesterday, it's only a few blocks up the street.  Our local post at it again, no doubt. But we need a doctor's office that won't have us sitting around 5 hours, and the Physical Therapists at Casa Colina, as well as the Insurance are telling us we need an Internal Medicine doctor and more serious monitoring of the hubby's health and my thyroid.  More blood tests, ( I HATE being needled!) more evaluations, more med changes.  I'm hoping things will go more smoothly this time around?  I am categorically NOT allergic to CATS, I don't care what the tests say.  Nor is the hubby.  Seriously.  We deliberately snuggle the little beast constantly and have no issues with him.

Bad Cell phone cam, last December.  Seriously, that face, who could be allergic to that CUTE?

I have what I think are some more very neat tutorials planned for BJDCollectasy in the coming months.  Along with a basic dress that's going to be very cute for summer, I'll be continuing the underwear series   for girls and boys with modern items simplified for the basic skills stitcher.  And I just saw that there's an interview with FreakStyle BJD up!  One of my favorite doll artists.  ^_^

I'm dithering back and forth between the Soom and EID body for Rin.  Because once I dye or paint her head to match, it's not going back to the original plan to have her share the body with Jiji.  And the EID girl is markedly different in figure.  The Soom Super Gem older girl almost exactly matches the Dragon Doll Gen one SD girl.  I had a better look at the EID yesterday morning before we had to start running around to appointments and errands  and it looks like her neck could actually be carved down to fit Rin's neck.  For some reason the EID mushrooms again after narrowing, and where Fishcake took it off, it looks like just a bit lower, and I'd have the ideal fit with the usual beveling.  Then I'd have to cold dye Rin's head to match the color.  I'm pretty sure Ritt will dye cold. I don't want to risk hot bath dying, I'm too chicken.  This is all a big IF right now and definitely a for later project.

We're still having high winds, with so far minor (minutes of) power outages, and a record May heat wave, but what they are calling the Etiwanda fire seems to be under control, not so much eye stinging smoke today.  Yesterday it was impossible to even try to sew even inside Casa Colina with the AC and all that on.  We drove home through huge flakes of ash, but it was, thankfully, no where near as horrific as the San Bernardino fire.

This photo is lower and to the left of the area that was on fire (just starting toward the right edge, behind the light pole) taken a while back with the cell phone.  All the BEST views in CA are in shopping center parking lots.  O_o

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