Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Advertising's Impact for A Small BJD Related Business

It’s one thing to put out the word on blogs, social media and signature links on forums, but I’ve found that the best small business advantage comes from serious advertising. An independent bjd doll or clothing dealer with a small web site can really impress people as being much more professional with the right advertising. If you buy an advert on another blog’s list, people sometimes click on the links out of curiosity, but what if people don’t look at the blogs you do? Tastes vary greatly. But a BJD specific blog, or e-news site will reach more BJD people.

I’m a big fan of BJDCollectasy since the beginning. It’s been my go to place for information and tutorials, and advertising there has been that step up my business needed. Their advertising is one of the least expensive I’ve found, well maintained, always on the page, and if you want to really keep up with new doll releases, conventions, interviews and sales, it’s ‘the local newspaper’ you’d want to have on your table every morning. It’s also open to anyone who wants to advertise. You don’t have to join a forum and make a hundred posts, wait months, and earn points before you can even query them for pricing, and you won’t go ignored in favor of the big name doll companies.

Try just one month for a small square advert, or a banner, and see how your bjd related business, Etsy shop, or interest in your bjd convention, forum or blog picks up.  According to my stats, this blog gets at least 10 hits a day through BJDCollectasy, and up to 40 when a tutorial I've done posts.  Very rarely do I get a hit from a forum signature link.   

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