Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My New Model Girl, Rin

She's that Only Doll Zhou Yu head I was waffling over there for a while and ordered in October 2013.   I've finally decided on a name for her.  She came a few weeks ago, when I made the final payment.  For a tiny while, I debated selling her out of guilt.  When the hubby had his stroke, I was looking forward to her arriving at Mint on Card and paying her off ASAP.  We discussed it while he was in hospital, and he said to keep her.  After all, she was already half paid off, the payment was only a half a tank of gas a month, and I can ride my bike most places.

For a doll head meant for a larger doll, she fits Jiji's Dragon Doll Gen 1 body quite nicely.  Jiji's original head is a bit large in proportion to her body, too. The natural yellow skin is a bit lighter than the other Only Doll yellow skin, but I can tone that up to match in the face up.  I like how she has a more mature looking face for anime cosplay.  I really want to dress her up as Karina from Tiger & Bunny to start with, but who knows when I'll get time for that. O_o

Usually I have to do something to a doll, either a nose bob or some slight work around the eyes, to get the exact look I want, but I'm glad Rin came default perfect for the look I've been searching for. Now I just have to get that overcooked MSC to work without flaking off, and find some time to paint her face.  From now on, I'm ordering MSC in Winter. 

It just cracks me up how they add what looks like 2 cup sizes in the Blue Rose hero outfit's bust region.  >.>;;
That's a B to a D. 


  1. She's really cute--she is proportioned like the DollZone girl I love! The outfits are fun too--though the plastic cups would be a challenge to duplicate (I see they don't fit perfectly on Blue Rose, either) ;)

    1. I'm going for the hippy-dippy outfit (the show is set in an alternative 1970s), I love the details in her 'street clothing', but I'm thinking if I had to make her battle outfit, I'd go with clear tint vynal.


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