Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fishcake Surprised the Hell Out of Me.

Okay so we come home from therapy yesterday, and I check the mail, expecting a pattern I had bought.  And in the box, is the big package box key.  O_o

Fishcake surprised me with another body!  I was so knocked off my feet, I accidentally emailed (thank you 'smart' phone) the wrong person, asking them if they were nuts, LOL!  I must be a true friend because we all know "a true friend will help you hide the body."

Not awake enough for clouds, yet, just geometrics this morning.
I don't know who was wobblier, me or the doll. O_o That right knee....
She is a Soom Super Gem older body, not the new improved with more magical boobie power body, and most wonderful thing of all, fits Only Doll SD girl heads, and my transgendered Only Doll boy head, Anthea, as well as some of the SID heads, like Jessica and Cherie, according to Fishcake.  I can put Rin on her and powder her face down a bit to match the color.  ^_^   I might cut a bit off the top of her neck to bring her into proportion, as Rin's head sits pretty high on it.

She's missing ankle caps for the flat feet and running around with someone else's heeled feet, but I have high heels, and can make new caps later.  My Dream Realm guy has ankle caps, too, so I have a model to work from.

Once again, this is a wonderful investment in my little business and more than appreciated.  She points out in email that a lot of people would like clothing for the EID and the Soom Gem girl, and I can always up size any patterning from the older body to the newer bust for the new Soom girls, and this is just awesome of her.  

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