Friday, April 25, 2014

Fishcake Gifted Me An Iplehouse SID Gal!

I'm still not sure what her IH bust size name is, but wow!  She's a heavy one!  I don't have the whole story yet, but apparently after giving it a try to mod her neck, it was hide the body time.  *laughs*   She sent the cropped piece with the doll so it's there, just not reattached yet.  After hearing all the hoo-ha about the older IH girls not standing without major modifications, and the weak side knees thing, it's nice the company got that sorted.  She stands very nicely.  I may already be suffering from the Iplehouse virus. >.>;;
Cloud bikini strikes again!
So now I have a headless girl, and promptly dubbed her 'Antoinette'.  She may never have a head.  She can be the White Lady, or Marie Antoinette  or if I ever get over my burn out/revulsion for Elizabethan costuming (theater overload)  Mary Queen of Scots.  I'm seriously thinking I might try my hand at making a head.  Her resin is caramel gorgeous, and it hit me like a day later, how very, very generous this gift is.  (I'm still very mentally slow from everything).

I did some looking around a while back and the best suggestion I got was to make a neck piece of epoxy putty then build up the head from there.  Now that I have an incentive, putty and LaDoll that's been sitting around getting old, I might do this.

Fishcake is definitely on my wonderful people list.  She's been a rock all through this set back.  She has a wonderful hand for art and a neat sense of humor. Thank you, dear Fishcake more times than I can type without alarming the grammar nazies!

I also managed to get the fabric Fishcake sent for Yukata, the very nice tan, black, and red key pattern, made into an Uncle size yukata and man's obi for Doll-A-kon's charity actions and sent along an older yukata set with a snap on bow obi for MSD girls.  The snaps can be moved if it's too tight or too small for the doll who gets it.  ^_^  I'm really hoping to be able to do something much more fancy for next year's Doll-A-kon.  We'll see if there is a theme to work with or something.  ^_^  The MSD one is the green floral with the gold splatter obi fabric (I didn't photo Kiki in the finished set, for some strange reason.)

In the meantime, back to waiting forever for the new lighter weight wheel chair.  The insurance okay'd it finally, and the right one, the right company, the right--everything this time and the bits are finally on order, but it's still looking like mid-May before we get the thing.  My aching back!  Edit: I just realized that waiting for dolls should have taught me a lesson in waiting for custom wheel chairs, but NOPE, still impatient!  And seriously, every right to be, this was supposed to happen back in March.

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