Friday, April 25, 2014

Commission: Volks SD17 Doll Boy Mod/Georgian Coat And an Alteration for Freya Nano

This post is updated to reflect Cadmus22's change of doll size for the coat.  ^_^

Cadmuss22 on Etsy commissioned and paid in full for a Mod version Georgian era coat, of which my sloppy sketch is what we are going by.  Have I mentioned I'm not very good at drawing.  This was a doll clothing company coat that I believe does not come in the doll's size, so yeah, I'm making a knock off.
This order is to be filled in early May.

Also, I'm altering a darling ready to wear outfit for her Freya Nano (which I have agreed to let her send round with the outfit, because it's so tiny! I don't have a reference!)  The measurements listed on the outfit didn't quite match, and the poor little thing is just swamped in what is a very adorable outfit!  There is a vest to match, as well, but she didn't get it into the photos.  I will do my best to make it look right without totally dismantling it and making it over again.
Photo provided by Cadmus22
April 1, 2014

I picked up the coat fabric today; Kona Cotton in coffee and sand.  Photos in a while!

April 8, 2014  (edited for a misplaced sentence)

Today I found time after 4 hours in the doctor's office (for an appointment which took all of 20 minutes...) to start taking out the seams on the Nano outfit. The fabric is very gauzy and fragile, but I managed to get it apart and still have enough to sew back together. The shirt is an easy alteration, but I have to keep the cuffs the same size to go over the Nano's hands. I can turn the 'shorts' into almost slacks, more like Capri length, but I'm not able to remove the waist band to refit the waist line. Judging by how the seams came out, the fabric would dissolve. The vest can be taken in simply as well. The outfit is beautifully made, all seams lined up, finished and it's wonderful work for such a tiny outfit.

This is a four appointment week, and Oh, Joy, SCE is turning off our electricity for more infrastructure work but at least this time it's at night, hopefully right AFTER supper if my day goes well. I still need to preshrink the fabric for the coat, and to get the patterning for that sorted.

April 12, 2014

I've got the fabric washed and preshrunk and will be working out the pattern and start cutting out things this week.  I should be done with the Nano alterations this week as well.  I don't want to take them to Casa Colina with me because they are so small and I don't dare loose something so irreplaceable.  Things I'm making from scratch, well, it's an easy re-cut and fix, I've had to replace missing pocket flaps and little things before, but I don't play around with an alteration.  O_o  

April 25, 2014

I actually got the set altered a few days ago but got side tracked with other issues and finally got photos yesterday and I'm posting the update today. O_o  I've also adjusted the post for the change in doll coat size.  I'll set the larger doll pattern aside for later.  Because this is causing a slow down of the project on my end, I'm not charging the customer for the change.  If she were a bride on the other hand, GRRRRR!  LOL!  (I quit Bridal before I quit theatre.)

Now for the run down of the alterations.  The pants ride a little low, but the vest being snug hides the back adjustments.  I took everything in as carefully as I could but the inside seams of the vest couldn't be opened and put back as clean finished as in the original vest, and the back is a tiny bit shorter than the front at the hem.  The suit fits closer now, and I hope this helps.  I need to ask if she would like the shirt collar snap moved over a bit in back as well, now that I see it in photos.
I still have to pick the old threads out of the back of the pants waist, and press it up a bit, but this was a quick fit check.

And now on to the coat! 

April 27, 2014

I've got the body of the coat patterned, and will be working on the sleeves and cuffs and collar today.  The Volks SD13 is an odd combo in sizes of my big guy Chris and my SD, Ciel, so I can test fit the pattern in sections.  I'm going to go through my collection of buttons and beads and see if I can find something interesting to make the front closure. 

April 30, 2014

I started cutting out and pinning things up to sew yesterday while the power was out thanks to high winds. O_o  Photos later. ^_^

May 6, 2014

Lining and outer shell of coat are together, just worked too late and realized the time.  O_o

May 7, 2014

Photo!  I got the color sewn in and turned the sleeves and thought, yeah....better mark and trim off a bit more of the lower front cut back, there.  Photo'd with the tan/cream color for the bias outline trim.  Still looking at beads and buttons.  The cuffs are on the sewing table.  The lining left shiny fuzz but that's normal, it will be banished from the finished garment.

May 10, 2014

Friday did not go as planned.  Lack of sleep (new neighbors adorable but whiney barky all nighty dog O_o) and some sort of over tired stomach thing laid me out for 24 hours.  However, I recovered enough to day to wrangle pins and start sewing again.  I tried the coat on Ciel, my closest by a centimeter here and half centimeter there doll and made the cut-away adjustments, checked the sleeve length and then patterned the cuffs.  Cuffs are one of those things I find myself re-doing, but I've learned the trick to get around that.  Do them last.  At the time of this posting (late evening and wearing out again) I've gone half way around the coat bias and the cuffs are ready to be sewn on. I'm mailing the package out Monday.  

May 12, 2014  Finished!

I'm going to the post office a little later this afternoon when it cools off a bit.  I tried it on my closest boy, Ciel, but while his neck and shoulders are about the same, his torso is narrower and his arms are shorter, but it looks pretty cool to me.

The chain wraps once around the bead to secure the coat. 

I also wrapped up the pleather coat that was sent for the original doll fitting so that it will not incur much more cracking.  The Nano's head kept popping off the elastic cord's knot (totally freaked me out the first time after what happened with my Freya!) so I put a tiny brass safety pin in the knot to keep it from doing that any more.  I also moved the white blouse top snap over a bit to make the collar fit a bit closer after thinking about it earlier.  I've got the measurements and a torso fitting shell for the Nano, so that means Cadmuss22 now has a discount for anything Nano with free shipping for said Nano items. ^_^  (It's still a terrifically tiny doll, though. O_o)   

PS. I noticed when I got to the Post Office, Paypal had used our OLD address to ship from. >.<;;  I had gone in and changed everything so why? O_o 


  1. Check out this pinterest--some back views!
    I would love to commission you to do some similar coats once you have a pattern made out--it would need some tweaking to fit my Granado guys.

    1. One of my favorite eras. But I'll pass on the hungarian embroidery, LOL! The fancy trims on the market right now would fit right into that era. This 'Mod' version is going to be fun.

      One of my first orders was this little gem. I still have a 1700's full skirt coat on the books as a future outfit for my vampire guy.

    2. The hungarian embroidery was a bit much. here is a pattern I found, too:
      Grabbed that for me!
      Off to see your tinyurl!

    3. You want to check Frolic Through Time's post on where to find the mother load of scanned tailors books from the time periods.


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