Friday, March 21, 2014

Things are Settling Down and I'm Catching Up With Back Logged Orders

I should be finished with Aernath's Sherlock suit set this weekend, despite the flu or what ever this is.  It's trying to fight past the antibiotics, but then I take another pill and it gets beaten back.

Meds are good.  It's so nice to have insurance and be able to go to the doctor and get told: Your sick. Well, yeah, and where did I catch it?  But to be able to get the meds to make me feel human (mostly) is awesome.  Once again I find myself thinking, yeah if we'd had insurance a month sooner (believe me, I was trying!) my husband would have avoided that stroke.

After the Sherlock suit set, I'm going to work on getting the Hanbok order under control and down to the embroidery.  I can only thank the people who are being so patient with me under the circumstances.  I've finally calmed down enough to get my confidence back and handle the delicate fabric and focus on the tiny embroidery this commission calls for.  

The orders for Late March/Early April will be in progress as well as soon as the Sherlock suit set is caught up with.  I'm waiting on fabric for one from Spoonflower and the other order I just need to get down to the store and get the fabric.  I need to avoid the fabric store while on meds, trust me.  It says "no driving, no heavy equipment, etc" on the label, but drugs is drugs, and fabric stores while medicated, nope, nope nope.  It'll all be "oooh, preeeetttyyy" and end in tears, I know it.

Take some time to follow the link over to the Doll-A-Kon page and check out all the wonderful things donated for the charity auction.  I'm really hoping to actually go next year.  All the 'really cool' people are going, you know it. So GO! ^_^

Also, I want to give a shout out to an awesome Japanese historical costume fan, Shiroki Kazuhana.  Her blog is on Ameblo, and in Japanese, but if you don't read it, just scroll down the linked post, and look at her wonderful photos of a full Heian court costume, along with the one at the top of her blog right now.  All those gorgeous layers!  She looks wonderful!

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