Thursday, March 13, 2014

Some More Good News

The doctor was very concerned about the hubby's cholesterol and the state of his arteries and sent him for all sorts of tests, which were then delayed by the switch from one insurance to another and all that mess. So weeks later, finally,  after sitting around only a whopping 2 hours past our appointment time (some things can not be cured by Obama-care) the Doctor did the break down of all the blood letting and sonograms for us.  An unusually high amount of crappy cholesterol (though his over all cholesterol levels are good, it's crappy cholesterol) and his arteries are 'inflamed' which means cut back on the inflammatory things like wheat products, starches and rice. >.<;;  And by the 'math' of some bizarre calculation, the hubby has only a 11% chance of having another stroke soon.  Yay!

And, he said the dearest one needs to get more exercise, to which my response was WELL DUH! he's stuck in a wheel chair! Send him BACK to Casa Colina for *bleep sakes*! (Verbally I was much more polite, but mentally, yeah, very snarky...) So he said (and this goes against the other two hospitals because you're not supposed to put more pressure on a high blood pressure person) get him into an aquatic therapy program.  Well, great, Casa Colina has one!  They are known for it! So they finally sent in the paper work and since our insurance works with Casa Colina, he should be in again in a week or so.  I just have to put that time waiting to bring him home again into hand sewing.

The fun part is, the hubby is a swimmer, and he's really looking forward to it, except I don't think they'll be letting him dive in and just go.  I just hope that by summer, he can use the pool here at the apartments safely.  I don't swim, I just don't drown.  It's something I've avoided for years, growing up with swimming pools, lakes and the ocean.  I plan on sticking to that policy for the rest of my life, too.  I'm a Plankton married to a Dolphin.

And now back to Dolls. 

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